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  1. Jerry, Always great to hear new music from you. This recording is marvelous. Very lively composition and superb recording. Those VSL sounds are fantastic ! Great stuff, Bert
  2. Jesse, Always good to hear from you. The virtual instruments employed are Real Guitar steel guitar, MODO Hoffner bass, and WAVES Electric 200 piano. A good place start wifh Tallis is this Tallis Scholars' collection : https://www.amazon.com/Tallis-Scholars-Sing-Thomas/dp/B00026W65E/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=tallis+scholars+tallis&qid=1636325700&sr=8-5 And there is metric ton of Thomas Tallis on YouTube. Cheers. Bert '
  3. Jack, good ears, there , warm Rhodes distortion for sure. JWN, Tallis is one of the greats as far as I am concerned. Here is a favorite transcription : Cheers, Bert
  4. David, It amazes me how tuneful the counterpoint parts are in this Tallis piece and how they weave together. Heavenly concinnity. Thanks for listening. Bert
  5. Very cool blues tune, Love the tone of your guitars. The interplay is tasty. Yeah, there is a bit on Allman vibe. Cheers, Bert
  6. Here is my favorite choral version of Videte Miraculum : Enjoy, Bert
  7. I love the music of Thomas Tallis. His oeuvre is mostly a cappella choral compositions, but there are some instrumental transcriptions out there that I think demonstrate how much great absolute music there is in the many choral masterpieces he composed in the 16th century. This composition, to my ears, is the most drop dead gorgeous choral work I have heard. https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14326935
  8. Bert Guy

    High Strung

    Mark, Very energetic acoustic guitar workout. The fingers are flying. A New Grass sort of thing, but loose as a goose. The recording of the GTR's is sterling. Well deserved approbation from Creative Sauce. Cheers, Bert
  9. Jesse, Totally cool and dissonant slow Gonzo-blues stomp, here. Very well recorded. The only comparable I can think of is Captain Beefheart. Very unique, as always. Cheers, Bert
  10. Bert Guy

    Singing Bowl

    David, Very interesting, tight, and compact composition you have here. I love the contrast between the alternating legato and syncopated sections. It reminds me of some of the stuff Paul Motian and Bill Frisell used to do when Paul was still around, And then the gliding flutes lead into a satisfying. culminating conversation between bass. GTR, and flute. Meditatively cool, Bert
  11. Bert Guy

    El Godin

    Flamenco to the max ! Very well recorded. Strong stuff Bert
  12. Bjorn, Funny thing- it never occurred to me to copy the original. I definitely was interested in putting my spin on this great tune. A good song can be interpreted a lot of different ways. And thanks for your specific comments about vocal processing- I will have them in mind when I remix/remaster. Cheers, Bert
  13. rs, Thanks for the listen and your kind words. Bert
  14. Barman, bring me a double-shot of Bulleit95 and a longneck PBR !
  15. Bert Guy

    Still Holding On

    Rex, This gentle track exudes warmth. I like that. A light touch on every note, played or sung. Very unique sound you have here. Cheers, Bert
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