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  1. Hi Marcello. I am trying to learn about mastering my self, so my comments aren't necessarily valid by any stretch. And I've never tried to mix/master a beast like you have, here. Cool instrumental, in any case. But the track overall sounds over compressed. I would like to take GTR's down a notch and up the levels of the drums, which sound muffled. My 2 cents. Cheers. Bert
  2. My mixing, mastering, and vocal processing ears are worn out at this point. Any comments and/or observations about those aspects of this project will be appreciated. https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14282338 Cheers, Bert
  3. Bert Guy

    Sonic Gems

    Cool instrumental. I love the tone and effects on your guitar. The rythm section sounds good with a good bass line. The drums could stand to mix it up a bit. You be jammin' good, mon. Cheers, Bert
  4. Bert Guy

    Calm the Nerves

    Very relaxing music. Thanks, L needed that. Cheers, Bert
  5. Bert Guy

    You & Me

    Breezy pleasurable, gliding instrumental. Nice GTR interplay. Enjoyed it. Cheers, Bert
  6. Bert Guy


    I really like this tune. Great distorted. droning GTR groove. The vocal cuts through just so . Maybe just back out the of the bass a tad. Cheers, Bert
  7. Fun ride, here. You definitely nailed that 80's techno beat. As for mixing and mastering, I have been watching the Creative Sauce series on YouTube and 'Mike' explains in detail how to do a recording project from start to finish on Cakewalk. Cheers, Bert
  8. I do a bit of music meditation myself and the first half of this piece works well for me. Cheers, Bert
  9. Bert Guy

    Dorian Crush

    I love the guitar part-cool tone and expressive legato playing. Reminds me of Bill Frisell. There is a recurring electronic click that sounds like a record skip that I don't thing needs to be there. Cheers, Bert
  10. Delightful tune and lyric. I love the simplicity of the arrangement and the cheerful sincerity of the vocal. Cheers, Bert
  11. Bert Guy


    I am definitely going to repost a remix and address the drum issues, but I accidently hosed my DAW and its in the shop.now. Apparently you can't get parts in a timely fashion these days. BG
  12. Bert Guy


    Thanks Daryl, I appreciate the feedback. I was kind of playing around with the sound of the drums and they are kind of sharp. Bert
  13. Good tune and well done. You can make some great stuff with just 4 tracks- ask the Beatles. I used to have a TEAC Portastudio and I would record midi rythm tracks (bass,drums, KB) from Cakewalk 1.0 onto tracks 1& 2 in stereo, and then put vocals, leads, GTR,etc on 3 & 4. You could get a lot of parts into your recording that way. As Brian Wilson would say : "saturate the tape". Cheers, Bert
  14. Bert Guy

    Shaken, not stirred

    I really like this- playing all around one of my favorite tunes : Secret Agent Man ! It has that modal feel that struck me about the original. Yeah, it sounds a lot like a Bond soundtrack, but I have never been sure who stole from who with that. Most likely P F Sloane nicked it from the movie. Massively cool, none the less. Strat nirvana. I wish I could do that. Cheers, Bert
  15. Bert Guy

    Cold Rain

    Very cool sustained mood to this instrumental track. I love the legato, nuanced playing of the strat, not to mention the tone. And the sound of the organ is just right. I'm not sure the synth-strings add much. Cheers, Bert
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