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  1. Wookie and Bajan, I agree- the drums are a problem with this mix. To my ears, it lacks a popping snare part, especially during the chorus. Unfortunately, this drum part is embedded in a studio mix of GTR/bass/drums that I am working with in CW. I do have the raw tracks, so if I had any sound engineering chops, I could possibly remix the drums separately and sync it with the existing mix. So thanks for listening and offering constructive crits- very helpful. Cheers, Bert
  2. Bert Guy


    Orygun is a quirky and enjoyable instrumental, with a bouncing rhythm and nice surprises in the lead lines. Laid back to the max. Cheers, Bert
  3. Gorgeous tune. Very well played and sung, Cheers, Bert
  4. A few years ago, I posted an old (2007) mix of this tune on the old CW website. I got some good crits that I employed in this remix/remaster. This tune will be on my upcoming album : The Lost Vegas Sessions/ Songs About Bad Girls and Dead Singers Bert Guy and the Up All Night Band https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14488467 Cheers. Bert
  5. WOW ! I really enjoyed this cool synth track synchronized with the satellite video. Very well done, Cheers, Bert
  6. Rights of Man is a right good guitar stomp. As is Bear dance. Nice recording. Cool stuff, Bert
  7. Bert Guy

    TD 1

    Cool synth track. Sonically very clean- you can get right up close to those fat synth sounds. Good stuff, Bert
  8. Nice homage to Mr Sebastian, here. Your recording has a warm, vintage feel. Cool Stuff Cheers, Bert
  9. Bert Guy

    Sunday Afternoon

    Very nice. I love the interplay of the saxes. Cheers, Bert
  10. Bert Guy

    Nothing to Me

    Great track. Really pro all the way around. I love the sustained momentum of the instrumental track. Cheers, Bert
  11. Awesome track. Interesting tune with strong performance and production. Nice feel all the way through. Pro stuff Cheers, Bert
  12. Jesse, I really like the instrumental track on this track : swerving, surging, and off-balance all the way through. The question addressed is profound ; God only knows. Cheers, Bert
  13. Jesse. I really like this one, It lurches along with some crunchy, dissonant GTR riffing contrasting with a smooth choral pad in the background, Vlietian, I would say, Cheers. Bert
  14. Amazing track- I love the way the instrumental swoops and sweeps around the lyrics. Very expansive. Cheers, Bert
  15. Bert Guy


    Freddy, This is a very unique song and I love the performance/recording. Killer stuff. 5 Stars Cheers, Bert
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