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  1. A truly heavy tune, well delivered. The only thing I would suggest is that you play the lead line on your accoustic guitar. The introduction of the electric that late in the song almost broke the mood for me. Strong lyrics, nonetheless. Bert
  2. Larry, Really cool fugue that sounds like a loop, but really isn't. I like the pulsing quality this composition has. Cheers, Bert
  3. Jesse, I love the way this swings and sways. Great bass/FRhodes/synth groove. Focused and loose. I think you are on to something, here. Nobody else sounds like this. Cheers, Bert
  4. Very tasty Brubeckian groove you have here ! The sax is in the pocket. Cheers, Bert
  5. Laid back sunny track. Your singing is expressive- I can feel what you're feeling. Its all good. Cheers, Bert
  6. Kenny, you be jammin' good, here ! And its so cool that you were inspired by PF Sloan's classic Secret Agent Man. I was struck by that song the first time I heard it (as a 7th grader) as the theme song for the eponymous forgotten TV show. It had a droning, exotic feel that I now attribute to it being played in Dorian mode. During the only brief band experience I have had, my only contribution to the set list was SAM. We played it once live, and I was so uptight that I absolutely boogered the vocal. That is my only experience singing a solo in public. I posted a version on the old CW forum a while back: https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13224423 BTW, I saw Johnny Rivers in Vegas @ Boulder Station, 2006. God was he good! The droning intro to SAM was the intro to the whole show and the full song was the climax. Great live musician and singer, JR is. Bert
  7. Tom, yu da bomb! A richly textured techno groove number with a very well composed piano line that adds interest & warmth. You have big bag of tricks and keyboard chops to match. Always a pleasure to check out your latest project, Bert
  8. Jesse, This is an amazing suite you have created, here. A crawling, dissonant ballad gives way to a melting, dissonant funk groove gives way to a melting, dissonant rock riff... And there is more. Your ability to marry the lyric with the vocal and instrumental is remarkable. Its all of one piece for sure. This strikes me as an ambitious project that you reeled in. Its a cold bowl of chili when love lets you down. Cheers, Bert
  9. "Como tu frijole, hombre " (rough translation : "How you bean, man ?) It wasn't very good... Cheers, Bert
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