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  1. One freebie that has been a trademark synth for me has been Delay Lama.
  2. I was strongly considering this as a replacement for Project 5 a few years ago but went with Bitwig instead.
  3. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/dick-dale-surf-guitar-king-dead-obituary-809294/
  4. "All the good things I have to say about you" It was an instrumental.
  5. The shutdown offered an opportunity you usually don't see in the DAW market. Normally people pick their tools and stick with them until they reach pain points. The shutdown forced a lot of people to examine alternatives due to not trusting Gibson to maintain the registration servers. There are a lot of people who have opinions on the alternatives that they didn't have a year and a half ago. If I were involved in deciding the direction of a DAW, I probably would try to cull information from the relevant threads on the old boards and maybe go to some competitors' sites or beyondmydaw.com to assess what made people stay with one daw vs the other.
  6. I was expecting a lot of people to say things like "overall I find myself coming back to CW but I really like the way these guys do that thing". For example, I like how the instrument and effect chain presets in Bitwig allow for tagged browsing.
  7. When Cakewalk was dropped by Gibson, a lot of people looked elsewhere and jumped on competitive crossgrade offers. Some went to Reaper, others Studio One, Mixcraft, Magic, Steinberg, or elsewhere. Some decided the grass was greener. Others decided to come back. Before the end of Cakewalk, I had not much motivation to look elsewhere. But I did, and I saw some really cool things. I also found that even though some others had some cool features, I'm still more comfortable in the application formerly known as SONAR. I think there's a lot to be learned from who went where, why they came back, etc. And those that spent a lot of time looking at other DAWS probably have a lot of exposure to features that might work in CWBL.
  8. I would not have expected Rayzoon to get there first. Ralph's one guy, and since adding Mac support, he just wouldn't have enough time. I also don't think he's the right guy for the job. Part of it is because he is a drummer and not a bass player, but another part is that he is very biased towards jazz and metal and seems unfamiliar with R&B and Pop. If he were to develop JamBass along similar lines as JamStix, the list of bass player models might look like Jaco Pastorius, Geddy Lee, Jason Newsted, Jeff Berlin, Les Claypool, Steve Harris, and Cliff Burton. Meanwhile users would be pleading for James Jamerson, Paul McCartney, Carol Kaye, Larry Graham, Bernard Edwards, John Paul Jones, Bootsie Collins, Mark King, etc.
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