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  1. I bought a boxed version back in 2008 or 2009, its been quite some time so I can't really remember how it all happened. I am registered but never made an account with them. Bandlab said to ask around for the installer, I knew it was a long shot but It doesn't seem likely. I was also willing to buy it again but of course, I can't find it anywhere...
  2. I never made a cakewalk account and it's impossible to now. I've talked to support and this is the only solution they could come up with considering my circumstances, I knows it sounds strange, it's why I've waited months to come here to ask. I've tried looking EVERYWHERE for a damn download of dimension pro and it's impossible to find. It sucks, I have the serial code, box and case but no disc. I have it installed on my other PC but I can't transfer it over to my new PC, it's beyond irritating but my own damn fault.
  3. I was told by bandlab to check around here to see if anybody has a dimension pro download? I lost my disc but still have the serial number and am registered, just can't download it and I seriously need it for the projects I was working on. Can anybody help me? It seriously would be one of the most amazing things!
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