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  1. Maybe I'm not understanding or not explaining my situation. I have 16 tracks with 16 instruments, all will controller information in them. I add a new virtual instrument with 16 more instruments, play in controller information into those 16 channels. Now, I have 32 instruments. When I play back, I get channel 1 instrument playing the right virtual instrument, but the controls for that instrument are affected by the controls set in channel 17 as well as channel 1 - because both have CC: 1 set to channel 1. I can replicate this with two midi tracks, using two virtual instruments, but using the same channel for controls, but each midi track controls are different.
  2. Hello, I use virtual instruments to create temp tracks. While playing in a given instrument, I have a controller which adjusts CC: 1, CC: 11, & CC: 19 for the channel. This works great as long as I only have 16 instruments. The moment I work on a project with more than 16 instruments, any controller signals for a previously used channel impact the new channel. Example: Violin 1 Aggressive is set to channel 12 - the melody begins the section strong, but fades the CC controls over four measures. Trumpet Aggressive is set to channel 12 - the trumpets start soft, but take over the melody at measure four crescendo to the end. If I play in each track separately, I can sent the appropriate signals to each track. But, if I let the tracks play together, both trumpet and violin get confused as to which signal they should be following. If a CC signal for the trumpets say increase, both trumpets and violins increase. But then, if the CC signal for the violins say decrease, both tracks decrease. This prevents any sort of playback option. Work around: Write for 16 tracks at a time, Bounce the tracks to audio, import audio for all the tracks into a new project, mix using audio. Anyone else having this issue? Or know of a way to get more than 16 midi tracks to play nicely together?
  3. - I've been using Cakewalk since Sonar 3. I have multiple midi tracks going through multiple synths (most notably Garritan), played in using a keyboard and drawing the midi control channels (volume, CC1, CC11). Occasionally, I see midi track volume doesn't follow the envelope I've drawn, or it responds as if there are two tracks trying to control the same envelope, i.e., if I had one track sending to channel 5 on synth 1 and another track sending to channel 5 on synth 2. Both tracks would be controlling midi channel 5. But, in this case, I have not duplicated midi channels. Looking at the faders on the synth I can watch see the volume on one channel fails to respond to the volume envelope. That said, I can assign the envelope to CC 7 (volume), create a new volume envelope, draw a new pattern, and it seems to work (for a while). If I fix one section, another section, on another track will stop responding. As C. A. Hamman mentioned, there is nothing in the events, so no way to edit the midi signals. It would be nice if we had a way to display the midi signals and then edit what is being sent to the synth.
  4. I'm trying to get the AKAI MidiMix to work with my midi keyboard, so when I'm recording(playing in), I can adjust the Volume and Control channels 1 & 11. (sliders 1, 2 & 3). I'm able to get the system to record the input from MidiMix, but it doesn't seem to affect the track. It's just recorded as signal. It also records signal from all the sliders. If I look at the event list, it shows the slider controls channel 1. During the record, I can see the track recording the signal from MidiMix. When done recording, I see the note recorded from the keyboard, so the track is getting both signals. However, it doesn't affect the play-in or play-back. MidiMix sets the data (controller) for slider 1 to 19, and slider 2 to 23. If I assigned the volume slider to controller 19, it works for volume. Yet to figure out a way to control midi channel 1, controller 1 or 11.
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