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  1. Greetings All! I am running the latest version of Cakewalk by Bandlab on my Asus laptop computer. General Specs Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz 16.0 GB RAM Sound cards: NVIDIA High Definition Audio AND Realtek High Definition Audio Windows 10 Home Version 21H1 The Problem When trying to export a particular project to a WAVE file, Cakewalk becomes unresponsive and I get the “blue ball of death”. Info about the project 15 Tracks, all MIDI, no recorded audio About 1m50s in length Using the following 3rd party VSTs: Edirol Orchestral – 3 Tracks Kontakt (Full Version) – 4 Tracks LABS – 2 Tracks Ample Bass P Lite – 1 Track DSK ElectriK Guitar – 2 Tracks MT – Power DrumKit – 1 - Track Alpine Brass – 2 Tracks See below and attached image titled "Export Settings.pmg" to view my export settings: What I’ve tried but did not work Restarting Cakewalk Restarting my computer Uninstalling and REinstalling Cakewalk Checking to make sure Windows is up-to-date Using several different bounce buffer sizes Trying the smallest bit depth Letting the computer sit for an hour and see if it will eventually go through. It doesn’t. Exporting a smaller section of the mix, say 2-4 seconds only Going back and trying to export previous (smaller) projects, say with just 4 tracks and only 30 seconds. Those export with no problem. So the problem seems to lie with this particular project. What I’ve had SOME success with Exporting one track at a time. This works!...sort of. I was able to export each track as individual WAVE files and then import each one into Audacity, using that program to create the actual mixdown. Worked great but, obviously, very cumbersome and time consuming. The one quirk I encountered was that, although Cakewalk was able to successfully export the entire track, the program would still freeze and I would see this at the top of the workspace (see below and attached image titled "Flusing 16 Plugins.png"): It would just say “Flushing 16 Plug-Ins” with the progress bar as about 80% but would not move. And I get the blue ball of death and Cakewalk becomes unresponsive at that point. Other Information Around the same time I started having export issues (about 2 days ago), I noticed I was getting these error messages while Cakewalk was running: Not certain if this has ANYTHING to do with the export issues I’ve been having. If I click “ignore”, usually about 10 other similar windows pop up, one after the other, until I’ve eventually clicked “ignore” on all of them. If I click “retry”, usually the first message goes away and nothing much happens. If I click “abort”, Cakewalk closes down and will not open up again unless I reboot my computer. None of these seem to have any impact on the exporting issue, and every time I open Cakewalk back up, these error messages reappear. Hopefully that is just the right amount of information (and not too much.) I throw myself down at the mercy of all present company smarter than I. ~Justin
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