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  1. Well, I'm tired of fooling with it for today. I'm uninstall and reinstall. I'm looking to setting my pc up like I had my mac (that is it can't save anything to hard drive. Has to have security key to save to a designated drive. That will solve that issue.
  2. I found that folder and deleted. See if I can't get this program to do only what I tell it to do. I want to do my own template to open. I was just going through the software to see with it did and didn't do. Then I got stuck with I don't know what. I'm use to try any and everything. If it doesn't work as I like. Worst case scenario, throw it in the trash and start all over. That's not working here as it's saving it and reloading those parameter when I start a new instants of the program.
  3. Listed on the Cakewalk Start Screen, click on "Existing Projects". When I select new project. The setting of one of those project are automatically loaded.
  4. I'm talking about this (see image below). I never saved any of it.
  5. I have that. I thought you were going to tell me something else.
  6. I bad, I thought you were just highlighting that. Didn't know it was an actual link. I appreciate it very much. It's exactly what I was looking for. Certainly doesn't populate as a solution/result on search for "selection tool, selection tool functions". Thank you very much.
  7. No I didn't restart the cpu after reinstall. It's 2021, I thought that was ancient and useless by now. I've been using Logic and Pro-tools and that online thing, so much and they operate the same. Seem like it did the same here. Yeah! Right click works. Thank you very much. Ps: Where I come from the class excluded people like me (via high attendance fee). The people they were marketing the software to wasn't buying it (Those that learn at school mostly looked for a job and didn't have a cpu at home). So the reps started doing demonstration at the music store. That's how I learned. I've never ran across anybody that could or was willing to articulate how to operate the software. This being free, definitely won't be seeing a rep in a store doing a demonstration.
  8. I've long clicked on the smart select tool. The menu come up. I have everything selected. However, like I've said. The functionality of has chanced. You use to could click in empty space (drag) and it would select everything in that area. Doesn't work now. You have to drag in window just below the transport pane. But that's not good if you're not trying to select certain notes that are in that area. The only other option I have found is ctrl clicking on each note (time consuming). Click and drag was so much easier. Why take that away? And how do I get redo it so that it works
  9. I had 2021.04. it was an arrow and not a pencil. It turns into a pencil on the midi note window only. If you right click it erases. Left click and hold it should move. I use to could left click in open space (drag) and it would select all the notes that encompassed what was dragged over. That doesn't work now. The program was changed and these feature are not working that way now.
  10. How do I stop cakewalk from saving files. I was working some something, and some how the setting got where I didn't want them. I quit. Did not save. However when I reopened. Those setting are there. I deliberately didn't save that file on propose. Don't save I thought meant it would be deleted. How do I delete files on cakewalk.
  11. The "Selection" tool when used to compose (add notes), the normal function was to click on location, right delete, left click and held and drag to move the note. Now it in version 2021.09 it doesn't do any of that. If you click it add new note. If you right click it give you option to adjust the note parameters. Which is stupid as you're supposed to do that via features in button (select all or just that one note. do random or whatever. extremely time consuming if you wanted to do all notes on that line). I don't know why it was changed, and changed without offering any information on how to change it back. Does anybody know how to change the selection tool back to the old way as is in all other music editing software?
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