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  1. Hi all, I have a track almost finished, many instruments, an original audio track with the singer, quite some VSt-FX, at the bottom of the mix I have been "collecting" the audio outs to busses, the last before "Master" is "MasterPreview", where I inserted a VSt-FX for room / space, and the LB-EQ to have the mastering section completely in the project. When I hit the play button, sometimes I get the full sound, but sometimes, especially after doing some adjustment in the automation lanes, I only get a terrible SMACK (the meters in the master bus show something like 25 dB + (!), followed by silence. However, I see the meters of other buses show activity. I am a bit puzzled. When I turn off the 2 FX in "Master Preview", after the second try (with more deafening smacks) the track would sound again, upon turning the FXson, yet another smack, followed by silence. But I do no see something like "Audio engine has been stopped". At least I found out that, after saving the session and doing a reboot, things work again as expected. What's the story, please? If you need more details, please let me know. Thankx.
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