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  1. Hi there. Is there any player on VST instrument basis that can be used universally? For Garritan I need Aria. For NI I need at least Kontakt player. There are the built-in sounds of Dimension pro. Sometimes it's possible to open some instruments from the Dimension Pro Library in Aria. But Aria is not fully functional, not reliable to full extent. This brings me to the idea there could be a universal VST instrument that works like a browser which "translates" the files for ARIA and those for NI and, and, and, to "it's own language" so all the libraries were accessible through that one player. (I think more than the usual 16 channels aren't possible anyway before reforming and expanding MIDI standards.) Any suggestions? Or is my question a suggestion for the ingenious developpiong team @ Bandlab / Sonar? (There might be some people shouting about copyrights. But hey, all those players are available for free anyway.)
  2. Wow, thanks a lot. I have the chance to check this...
  3. That Vocoder thing might be interesting, User 905133, please, could you kindly furnish some details where to look and click? Sorry to read you are being harrassed by Tinnitus. That's really an annoyance.
  4. Hello HIBI, first of all, I have changed to the original project and made all the adjustments there, deleting the old busses, creating new ones (without "send"), and all works fine. Thank you so much for your help and advice! As for that demo project, it always crashes, but I finally had saved the BFD preset with "no Fx" in the channel where the clippings occurred. So when I reopened my original project, BFD "had learned" what I was up to, and there are no more crashes. I shall delete the demo file, and send the crash logs to FXpansion support - although I know that's a tedious process. But they need to know on behalf of other users. Ok, I could have done that "repairing" of my preset in the standalone version, but I had believed it was more practical to do that in a Cakewalk project, because I could go on experimenting after correcting the preset. Anyway. It works well now, and I am happy again.
  5. Hi again, HIBI. I deleted the old busses and created new ones, and saved the changes. So far so good. In search for the clipping youl told me of I found there were some fx inside BFD3 which I had to switch off . Trying to save the changes of that preset, BFD crashed and caused Sonar to crash as well. After 4rth relaunch I at least could save those internal Fx be switched off. But when I tried to set the snare track to "no fx", everything crashed again before I had a chance to save the new preset. Maybe I forst should try and save the kit, and then save the preset? I guess I will have to harrass BFD about that crash issue. It should be possible to set a track from "Fx" to "no Fx" without having a mess all around.
  6. Ok, got it working now. It is a phantastic instrument. Very different colors available. But I also had to do the registry trick. Now there has been another very nice instrument in Sonar X3 studio, that was the "dreamstation". Alas, only in 32 bit. How I wish they'd give that a rebirth in 64 bit version. It was a very handy application with a lot of modulation and filtering options.
  7. Thanks, tried this, but did not find rgc pentagon in the list. If I had to reinstall Sonar x3 to have that, I think there should be easier options to get it.
  8. Hi HIBI, thanks for answering my p.m. As you suggested, here's a demo I excerpted from my troublesome project, concentrating on BFD3 and TTS-1. Interesting is, that with TTS-1 I do not have the channel loudness issue that I keep having with BFD3. In the demo file, I have soloed the snare which has the channeling I actually wish to use. If you unsolo it, you will hear that there is virtually no snare in the track audible, while other parts coming from BFD3 are well audible. And by this you will see my trouble. ("You" meaning anyone who uses BFD3, of course.) BFD3_TTS1 Demo.cwp
  9. That looks fine, but where do I get the download from, please? I do not recall having such a file in my PC.
  10. Hi dear all, in "good old times" Cakewalk (not yet by Bandlab) used to have a fine softsynth called "Pentagon", which could create a lot of nice timbres which I had to search for endlessly with more recent synths. What I am up to, there's a (historic) description of that thing: https://www.kvraudio.com/product/pentagon_i_by_cakewalk Does anyone know: Is that still somewhere available after the Cakewalk (by Gibson) store had been closed? Or any recommendation which could replace that thing? Thankx. Not that I would want to say the times of Cakewalk @ Bandlab were bad ones - ! 😉
  11. Ok, another round of futile checks. Sorry. I get the single BFD3 outputs in Sonar: Kick, Snare, Hihat, Cymbals, Toms... But very faintly, when soloed. If all tracks are unsoloed, the only BFD3 instrument that's working is the kick. The others - I almost do not hear them. When I solo the snare, I hear it, and in the channel "BFD snare" the meters show it's totally overclipping at + 21 dB and more. But whatever I try BFD Snare to "Out BFD snare", or to BFD master, even out to the soundcard out: I almost hear nothing. But the meters say in peaks something around - 2 dB. For that level, the snare is way too soft. Trying out the setup I initilly want: BFD _Snare --> out BFD snare --> BFD Master --> Master preview --> Master, I get following levels (in dB): 22 --> -1,8 --> -13 --> -26,8 - 33,9. But the slide controls are at -3,0 --> 0 --> -1,3 --> -2,9 --> -2,9 Where do all the signals go? Yes, I've taken out all fx, really all. (Only the sidechain kick - > Bass I maintained: having everything unsoloed, that is the only drum track I hear.) But there are no compressors, no reverbs, delay... in the snare console. As if something would "eat away" 3/4 of the signal. At least the kick doesn't "bleed" in the snare track now. C'mon, folks, I am still stuck here. Noone in for another hint where to look for erroneous setup? Pleazzzz.
  12. Yes, that worked, but the result of my efforts I had described yesterday. I shall try all your suggestions from your previous post tonight, if possible. But thank you anyway for encouraging me to keep going.
  13. Well what wil happen if I disable bleed? I have been looking up for threads that also deal with BFD3 and Sonar and found this one: http://forum.cakewalk.com/Export-BFD3-to-separate-tracks-sounds-fuzzy-m3550010.aspx and in the same source, another one entitled BFD3 - separate track outputs. I still have to work through them... For me it's clear that the mistake in the setup is mine, but I have to find it. I'll keep you informed here, for further users encountering the same issue. _ _ _ _ Some hours later: I'm not sure anymore that the issue is inside BFD. But I think it must be in Cakewalks routing. Whatever I try inside BFD about changing channels, it does not change the BFD output. Even disabeling bleed: I solo the snare track, and hear the snares at very low level, together with some cymbals and the kick. Useless trying tonight, I am dead tired, and all the fruitless efforts discourage me. I feel like dumping the entire project and never use that setup again. Sorry....
  14. Now it's getting signal, but I still hear all very faintly, also the kicks and cymbals, although I have only the snare soloed. Disabeling plugins on "out BFD Snare" bus C does not change anything really. I checked every plugin in the rows. Next evening I will check if there is something inside BFD going wrong, although I am re-checking that with every effort I start. Maybe I should even reload the affected kit parts. Thankx, though...
  15. Thanks, Hibi, but that doesn't change much. The only way I get to hear the snare is when I route channel 17 to "Master". But doing so, I always also hear faintly the kicks, and the cymbals. Here's my newest setup-screenshot:
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