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  1. clik

    Old Cakewalk Versions

    Thanks; I saved any numbers I got, through the years. For Platinum, it's more confusing -- on the internet computer, I have a folder called "Cakewalk Platinum activation call response files" that doesn't have anything human-readable.
  2. Thanks! I am inching towards giving Bandlab a try, and want to understand what I'm getting into.
  3. clik

    Old Cakewalk Versions

    Thanks; I bought Platinum when you could buy vs. subscribe. Will that install and authorize?
  4. I remember migrating projects from Sonar 4 to Sonar 6 or 8, and had no real problems with that EXCEPT that you could only migrate to newer versions. In other words, you couldn't create a project in Sonar 8 and then work on it later in Sonar 4. This made me very cautious, and I developed a habit of leaving things in their original state. "Start in 4, finish in 4." So I wonder how things work in today's world? If I migrate an 8.5 project into the Bandlab version of Cakewalk, will it ever open again in 8.5?
  5. clik

    Old Cakewalk Versions

    I started using Cakewalk Sonar with version 4 and bought several versions over time. I remember the installation and "authorization" process changing over the years, but I don't recall specifics. My question is, now that the original Cakewalk company is gone and Gibson is out of it -- is it possible to re-install and authorize those old versions? In other words, is there still a server running somewhere to handle the authorization part? I started thinking about this last weekend, when my laptop got cranky. Scary cranky. I've always had a strategy of bare metal re-build and re-install when something goes wrong, but authorization schemes can obviously make that impossible, in some cases. BTW, I always avoided that "Command Center" stuff (I think it was called). I never wanted my DAW computer to touch the internet, and there was always a multi-step way to accomplish an "offline" installation and authorization. I suspect that option is gone, these days.
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