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  1. I am building a Surface Controller based on Arduino. I want to start recording pressing one single button, not two, but at the ACT learn mode the Record function is always set as "Shift + B3". How can I activate the Record function without shift; with one single CC? Having to simultaneously press two buttons to record is a thing of the past, since it was a disaster to accidentally over-write a tape. But it doesn't make sense with a DAW. I always use the shortcut "R " at the computer keyboard, and I want to use one single button at the Surface Controller or at the MIDI pedalboard
  2. Thank you! I already tried right click, but I did it over a node 😅
  3. Dragging the mouse is not very precise, and it also displaces the tempo left/right accidentally. Is there a way to specify a numeric value?
  4. Temp sync for this project finished! 🙂 After many Ctrl/Alt/Del, I think that it is crashing only when I drag a clip that is right after a measure change. I had to manually adjust the tempo at the measure following a measure change, then drag the next measure, and it didn't crash BTW, the song is Genesis "Firth by Fifth". The tracks are from karaoke-version.com. It is a great version that perfectly matches the tempo of Genesis studio recording, beat by beat. I will use it as a base to record our own. This is how the tempo looks now: Thank you for all the helpful suggestions.
  5. The clips have audio transients, though BTW. Today the behavior is different. I have opened the bundle file, the same one that I posted yesterday. On a first attempt, Cakewalk was frozen after dragging that 3 measures clip to Ruler, with the message "Analyzing Audio". I had to terminate the task with Ctrl/Alt/Del On a second attempt, it has correctly generated the tempo! I keep working on it, with the following measures, but it crashes too often
  6. Not in an earlier release, It is happening now, with the latest release. Sometimes it fails, sometimes it is OK, as you can see at the video that I have posted above. With the same clip, at the first attempt Cakewalk crashes, and at the second attempt it successfully generates the tempo changes. And sometimes it doesn't generate any tempo change.
  7. I've made an experiment: The project has 18 audio tracks. I have deleted them all except the click and the drums tracks (I can add them later). So far it has not frozen, but dragging the audio clips to the Time Ruler does nothing. It doesn't change the project tempo. I attach a link to the Bundle File of this project (compressed to rar). I want to synchronize it from measure 29 until the end. Now I am stuck at measure 58. I drag a clip that contains measures 58-59-60 to the Time Ruler and it doesn't sync. https://mega.nz/file/w3AzyCCI#zscu0-3tIlmIvGNI60Nq4JYk5D9wFYa6oa2ueD2SL2k
  8. I've tried Bounce to Clip and also Apply Trimming. It is still frozen, and with a clip of just one measure
  9. I have several audio projects with a click track that I am using to synchronize the Project Tempo, for adding MIDI tracks. In order to have consistency, I split the audio click track into small clips at the points where there is a drastic tempo change or a meter change, and I drag them one by one to the Time Ruler Very frequently, Cakewalk is frozen after the conversion is finished, with the message "Analyzing Audio" at the progress task. I have to press Ctrl-Alt-Del to terminate the Cakewalk task. The error is not consistent. Sometimes the same operation fails, and sometimes it success. I have recorded an example where I drag a clip to the Time Ruler and it fails. I repeat the same operation after restarting (at 00:38), and it succeeded. Is there some workaround for this? It is very time consuming because it fails very frequently
  10. I have all my Cakewalk Content on D drive (D:\Cakewalk Content) However, the Themes are only accessible from C drive. Themes is the only folder that I keep on C drive I cannot see how to change that at the folder locations preferences. Is there some way to change that? It is not a big issue. Just for consistency, and to avoid adding more paths to my backups
  11. At the old forum there were instructions to create a custom icon in a template: http://forum.cakewalk.com/Startgt-New-From-Template-Custom-Icons-m3415439.aspx 1) Create a .png image at the Project Template folder (100x100 aprox) - Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\Project Templates 2) Save the template with the same name as the image 3) The image can be deleted. It will be embedded at the template That doesn't seem to work with Bandlab. Has the procedure changed?
  12. You could try troubleshooting with MIDI-OX, a little utility that displays all the MIDI traffic coming from your devices http://www.midiox.com/
  13. I've found it! It is well explained here:
  14. I am still struggling with this. It should be very simple, but I am probably missing something. I have several projects with only audio that include a track with a metronome click, and I have to synchronize it with the project tempo in order to use MIDI tracks
  15. I still cannot make it to work. According to this instructions here: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=AudioSnap.05.html the button "Set Project from Clip" (G) should set the tempo according to the clip, but nothing happens when I click it. Perhaps that feature has been broken with this new release?
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