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  1. Unfortunately, end users are still the fools to pay countless times for the same software, hopefully one day they will implement some kind of law that prohibits this, until then we will have to put up with these companies that continue taking advantage of their commercial reputation to continue legally defrauding innocent customers.
  2. Unfortunately, on the Pluginguru website you can only download an old version (v1.41) DEMO which, in my personal opinion, is very limited in terms of not being able to load the previously named free presets and it already demoralizes me to buy it, Pluginguru should at least update the DEMO. On the other hand it is nothing more than a tool to organize instr and fx plugins which could also be achieved with any DAW and a lot of patience...
  3. Honestly I have a great disappointment with the company u-he (without with lowercase letters because they deserve it) I asked them directly they will let me the Zebra Legacy at 99 dollars in Euros and they flatly denied it, then two days later I realize that iZotope if I had it at 99 dollars final and with tax and my great frustration is, it cost u-he a lot to have good if and better treatment with customers, as I said before, honestly it is disappointing and very superb this company...
  4. And they will not stop being so with that closed mentality of not putting annual promotions more often and trying to sell much more 👌
  5. Only five days of offer a year and ensima only 25% for a synthesizer that is still very little updated and not even interested in promoting themselves, they think they are master and lord among plugins like "serum" that do not get off the horse in prices or sticks, obviously wrong company policy that refuse to look at how well they do the competition with respect to updates and annual offers.
  6. I have it and he said that it is a spectacular powerful eight-part synthesizer and very easy to use but, the negative thing is that the Parawave developer is very abandoned in terms of updates and plugin support, plus not having a dedication and contact with customers which makes him somewhat distrustful when investing in this plugin....
  7. JT music

    BFD3 for $49

    $ 49 everywhere, here is a cat locked up, on the official website they hope for 2023 to release a version Player of BFD that will surely be free to compete in the market again, I wonder if it will be accompanied by BFD4 with a high upgrade cost?? 🤔
  8. JT music

    BFD3 for $49

    PB is one of the few, if not the only retail store that unfortunately works with different currency exchanges and with a marked exchange difference between them, here, from South America, purchases in retail stores anywhere in Europe or another continent charge us at the same currency exchange everywhere, that on the other hand today the official exchange between dollar, euro and pound have very little difference....
  9. JT music

    BFD3 for $49

    In PB it costs $49
  10. Well, I already think that you will have had no problem being attended by a person in real time if you are surely part of the company, magix has a lamentable customer service and it is demonstrated in the customer forums themselves that do not stop complaining about such deplorable customer service, or at least I personally did not have it.
  11. Take advantage now that they are expensive before they give them away later at $5 in PB 😂
  12. Magix is a company not recommended at all, it has a non-existent personalized support service, you can't get in touch directly with anyone other than a ridiculous automated support system of printed questions and answers, you can't get commercial advice before you want to make a purchase, a non-existent personalized treatment that the only thing it provides is distrust when wanting to buy, it may be a very large company and many years old which does not make it clear that they are not market leaders and all that is a product of their wrong and horrendous commercial tactics.
  13. Pure commercial strategy, they give this away to force to update to Ozone 10, because in previous versions it does not work, the law throws the trap...
  14. Always the same figurines repeated, it would be nice to start seeing offers of better plugins, don't you think?
  15. Magix and Producerplanet are wrong, buying music marker Premium you only GET 3 SOUNDPOOL to choose from for NON-COMMERCIAL use, unattractive and misleading sales policies by not being properly informed in the purchase...
  16. Trinket for beginners, given away is expensive! 👎
  17. JT music

    Tracktion Biotek 2

    You have to be patient, they will already give it away in some retail purchase..... 😂
  18. JT music

    Header cleaning

    On what planet could you expect that? 🤔
  19. JT music

    Header cleaning

    It is understandable that the Wookiee forum administrator wants to simplify his work by warning in the forum headers about the forbidden and so on, but...? Wouldn't it be wiser to do your job by acting and deleting each post that corresponds and thus be able to release those horrendous warnings from the beginning of the forum? Thanks Wookiee!!!
  20. Magix is a very deceptive company, be careful especially in the payment methods on producer planet with the soundpool and be very clear that the three soundpool that they give away along with the purchase of music marker Premium "are not for commercial use" and I say deceptive company because they do not clarify it anywhere more than having to like a credit card even if they pay with sufficient PayPal funds..
  21. Just as bad as their synth, just for beginners amateur
  22. For those who still do not have the full version of the SynthMaster 2 this Player version is a good start for those who want to appreciate its spectacular sounds and sound quality, although this Player version brings all the sounds of the Full version obviously you cannot edit or automate parameters, but it is great to jump in a very economical way to an update of the SMv2
  23. SynthMaster 2 Player is FREE for a limited time until November 1. https://www.kv331audio.com/synthmasterplayer.aspx
  24. Poor Avid, I think as much as they don't learn from image-line's excellent free-for-life upgrade commercial policy, they'll end up disappearing in the future...
  25. Although the sound quality is not better than Dune 3, Diva, Pigments, its tremendous potential lies in looking like the Nexus but fully editable, it is a very powerful synthesizer and all its expansions are reitable and sound very good.
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