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  1. Good deal of Spire for $75 Sale ends June 27th https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/reveal-sound-spire-virtual-polyphonic-synth/#a_aid=musicsoftwaredeals
  2. I have changed some products in the cart and now it has worked for me 👍 Thank Larry!
  3. I loaded the cart with more than $200 in instruments with a -50% offer and it does not accept the $50 coupon because it does not apply to items that already have a discount...
  4. The coupon does not apply to prices that already have discounts, who could I use this for...?? The coupon is somewhat useless for price hunters...
  5. Take a good look at Thomann, above they are wrong, $80 is not the Hybida, it is only the 6 month old(no Hybrid) , the Hybida is $149 https://www.thomannmusic.com/presonus_sphere_annual_membership.htm
  6. It is not identical, Sweetwater is Hybida for 6 months and it comes out $99 and Thomann is for 12 months and it comes out $149
  7. The hook is to obtain the perpetual license of the OS Pro that will come with the minimum of tools and packages, where the big business would be to show and test the entire complete set in the subscription so that later one is tempted to buy, pure commercial maneuver...
  8. Very crazy and low deals like the one of Bitwig Studio last week, it gives me the feeling that a collapse of prices for before few sales, the example could be the supposed bankruptcy of Magix... 🤔
  9. Finished the Hybida subscription you get SO Pro perpetual for $99, I think it's the best deal ever?..🤔
  10. The buy in Thomann is NO Hybrid.. (Studio One+ 6) If, during the 6-month period, another Studio One+ 6 months is purchased, the product will be automatically upgraded to Studio One+ Hybrid, where you will receive a permanent license for Studio One Professional at the end of the period. term.
  11. I mean, Studio One Pro perpetua for $99..¿? 🤔
  12. I've tried the demo and it's very mediocre, it doesn't reach the hardware ankles 👎
  13. Tracktion F.'em + Bass Odyssey Expansion Bundle $29.00 https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/virtual-instruments/tracktion-fem-bass-odyssey-expansion-bundle
  14. I don't think that these anniversary sales have been a real success, I think the opposite is the product of the very bad sale before their lousy system of paid updates and see the constant success of the free updates offered by their competitor FL Studio...
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