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  1. It will never succeed to be inside the best plugin, professional producers and composers are not interested in instruments with full orchestras pressing a single finger no matter how well they sound, Avenger is wrong with this policy of paid updates while still the client can barely have a handful of expansions of the first version, without a doubt it does not seduce in the least...
  2. RAPID Synthesizer 90.00€ XT 34.99€ https://parawave-audio.com/products
  3. Now yes, IKM is up to a serious company like the vast majority, so I don't see the reason to congratulate those who really weren't behaving as such.
  4. JT music

    BFD3 $49

    BFD3 $49 https://www.bestservice.com/en/bfd3.html https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/drums-percussion/bfd3 https://www.jrrshop.com/bfd-drums-bfd
  5. It's been a while since this is so, nowadays Bandcamp does not sell more than nothing itself obviously the business model is outdated and surely it was given away (sold cheap) to the first bidder what we will see now that they transform it, which would not be at all unusual to change the rules of the game in terms of licenses and authorship of the songs.
  6. JT music

    EQP-1A $19

    Hey guys, the question here should only be about a quality comparison of a Pultec emulation 🧐
  7. JT music

    EQP-1A $19

    I have made an exhaustive comparison with the Pultec from UA and even with the Vintage EQ-1A from IK and it really sounds very good 👍
  8. JT music

    EQP-1A $19

    EQP-1A Immersive Program Equalizer for $19 https://redrocksound.pro/en/eqp1a-pc/
  9. That is not so Mr. Peter, read the previous comments where it is explained very well that the Miroslav Philharmonik gives error when opening both as vst and independent, it only works if SampleTank is installed which even in the installation of the ik manager is required to be installed, a real odyssey to install MF later because only one of the three Zip is also installed, throwing error every time, the only solution for downloading the three files from the official website which also as I said above does not work as independent vst but under sample tank.
  10. A total ridiculousness, Miroslav Philharmonik does not work if SampleTank is not installed, the instrument itself a real old crap of almost 8 gb of similar presets with very little fidelity for the current times, now I understand why they give it away, it's not for the month of classical music but for the month of ingenuous, so that later they can sell the ST expansions through custon Shop, don't be fooled, this is pure commercial strategy.
  11. Atlas has a more realistic humanization system and you can create multiple maps of different sample banks where its AI classifies automatically in a very easy and effective way, plus a very complete and editable sequencer where the AI also plays its role
  12. I bought it last week, extremely flexible thanks to its AI.
  13. Just like syntronik are sample instruments that did not progress and were losing popularity over time due to the tremendous escalation of kontakt and so many other plugin of higher sound quality and was used professionally in studios, this more than clear that given such low popularity has to be reflected in low prices that more than crazy prices I would say are fair prices before products that are no longer so popular and would have no other way today to be able to sell themselves.
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