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  1. JT music


    Surely it will come out soon, because we have to re-bill the $ 149 updates that very sadly v1.5 users must pay, a very good commercial move for IKM although not so much for the client, because the ethically correct thing would have been to have free update plus a custon Shop in order to safeguard the good criticism of v 1.5 users and everyone will pay the expansions at ease.
  2. Only the hybrid is worth it to a certain extent, then the rest of the AIR add-ons are very low-quality.
  3. IKM is a giant company where its only interest is to get new customers based on irresistible offers and then ambush them with different update strategies where it very skillfully makes you fall on the path of infinite updating and the customer does not fall into the loss of the old and useless instrument. Unfortunately, the clients we have a number after the back and we are no more than that, a real trade IKM by which if not upgraded, lose the product, in my case, after having bought Modo Drums and bass before the unexpected but disreputable new update IKM I desidivo not buy never ANYTHING more.
  4. JT music


    Mr. Peter, the exact same thing happened with MODE drum, the whole forum exploded in anger and you did not appear saying the same thing, I understand perfectly that you defend the interests of your company that you represent but in this case everything is pure commercial marketing in favor of IKM and not for the client, check the comments in the Drum Mode thread and you will see what I am talking about.
  5. JT music


    You because surely I do not buy the plugins just before the update, otherwise I would not say that, in such a case for you I am a fool, you must be a millionaire who does not mind always paying for the same Full plugins, which should one should only pay once.
  6. JT music


    IKM is a company that cares much more the marketing of "give away" the products that need an update to substantially face-I important, the classic game of mouse, we show crazy prices in deals after shopping you shake with the update, unfortunately, make their perverse game what you want to have cutting-edge products and quality, but... They are perverts who play nothing but their own speculations game and never think about the real benefit of the user client, as demonstrated with the last update of the drum mode.
  7. A pity that Producerplanet does not accept payment with PayPal direct, it has a tremendous wrong payment policy
  8. I'm so sorry, Cameron is very basic to coffee marketing and radio announcer, nothing interesting for an advanced level of music production at least for my taste.
  9. Congratulations, you have a very smart son, because I have been using Flstudio since I was little for twenty years and I was not wrong in the choice, because today it is used by the biggest and most famous producers.
  10. Bandcamp has absolutely no weight in the industry, its unconventional system to a distributor would not come or I think will come to fruition if it does not change its style and way improve its distribution, lacks productive horizons for the artist, they have a terrible direct deal with artists, I currently with my more than three hundred tracks I use it as a warehouse to store online all my repertoire because economically it does not provide me with income, where the same if it does with another distributor like RouteNote.
  11. Imho, Bit 8track is not even suitable for an amateur beginner...
  12. JT music

    Kontakt 50% off

    Crossed again at $ 125
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