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  1. Guitar Rig 6 Works fine in standalone mode. Appears within DAW but not working. Cakewalk by BandLab v2021.11
  2. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I don't see anything on the HW pane or Track settings that would explain this. As a test I started a new project, recorded a couple of measures and tested. No audio as expected so I'm thinking the other project may be corrupt somehow. I'll export the tracks to a new project. Thanks again.
  3. I am starting to mix a new project and started by bringing all the faders fully down. No tracks are solo'd or muted. The Master Bus where al the tracks are currently routed is set to zero. Why am I able to still hear all the audio tracks?
  4. Manually updating BA has been the only way the update actually works. But despite updating the app the message remains. "A new version of Bandlab Assistant is available for update" The message is no longer displayed after updating to v7.0.0 so hopefully the problem has been corrected. Thanks everyone.
  5. No issue updating Cakewalk using BA or directly. Bandlab Assistant also does update fine. It's just an incorrect message saying a new version is available for BA. I'll just ignore this message.
  6. What I have tried to clear this message: Clicking on Update - After displaying "Updating" for several seconds the Assistant just closes without updating Manually downloading and installing the update. Message to update remains. Uninstalling the assistant altogether, then reinstalling with the current available download. Message to update remains. So the app is in fact updated.
  7. The inputs are set the same. After changing the MIDI channel number so they are not they same both instruments are still heard. I do need to hear the other instrument so muting is not an option.
  8. Thanks so much. I figured I was missing something pretty simple. After poking around a bit more I think I could also do this in the Event List, Setting the wheel value to 0 where I want it to stop. Is that right?
  9. As a quick example I have 2 virtual instrument (Soft Synth) tracks. One is EZ Drummer, the other is a Piano (Piano in Blue) When recording on the Piano track I also hear the drums being triggered. How do I stop other virtual instruments from being triggered when recording? Thanks in advance. Alesis Q49 MIDI Controller. Cakewalk version: 2021.01 (Build 098, 64 Bit)
  10. I've recorded a bass line using my Alesis Q49. After a pitch bend the next couple of measures are out of tune. Looking at this in PRV I can see the event does not return to zero (no bend) where I actually stopped the pitch bend. I am not familiar with using PRV. Is there a way to edit this data so the bend event actually stops where I recorded it? Thanks in advance. Cakewalk version: 2021.01 (Build 098, 64 Bit)
  11. Thanks for the responses. Music Score was a huge help.
  12. When printing in Staff View some measures take up the entire page width while others fit 3-4 measures per line. Is there a way to print with all measures having the same width?
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