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  1. Well I'm glad to hear that Cakewalk has been improved so much for you! I'm not sure when I bought Rapture Pro and the other VSTs to be honest. Unfortunately I wasn't able to notice the fact that Cakewalk ceased to exist. This is entirely my fault though! I've opened a support ticket via the link you kindly shared and I got my account reactivated. I directly offered them some account information and the support noticed that the confirmation mail hasn't been sent and fixed the issue directly. My MacBook has the M1 processor built in. Therefor I'll be going to give it a try on my system.
  2. Ohh no what a bummer. Thanks for those information though! I'll get in contact with BandLab then I guess. I've already read about potential issues running the VST on a Mac. I mainly used Rapture Pro from Cakewalk and this was disclaimed to be able to run on Mac OS X - but I haven't found out if this Software will run on Apple Silicon. I've mainly bought Rapture Pro and used that one the most from Cakewalk. Besides this I had a EQ and a Compressor - But I'm not sure which one I've had. Ohh ok I didn't knew that. But I bought my VST initially for Windows.
  3. Hi, over half a year ago I acquired a new mail address. I changed the mail address within my cakewalk account and have never received a verification mail as stated on the homepage. I got a new Mac for music production and I'm not able to install any cakewalk product at all since then.. On the cakewalk homepage there is no way to create a new account - this feature is disabled since. I've got no clue how to access my purchased software as of now. What am I now supposed to do? Kind Regards, Julian
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