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  1. When using amp sims through cakewalk w/ direct monitoring turned off on my gen 3 scarlett solo and input echo (cakewalk audio track) turned on the Guitar's singal works great. I can throw any sim at it, stack them, add pedals, effects, etc and the dry di guitar signal doesnt come through. Even recording a track directly onto the daw, no di singal to be found. However, if i try recording the signal that I'm hearing through my headphones/monitors in the DAW through obs (or streaming) the VST's come through fine, but the dry di clean guitar is heard underneath. I can't hear this through my headphones, it only shows up in the video that is recorded. I'm stumped and have researched this until my eyes hurt. Direct monitoring is off on the interface. I obviously need input echo on to hear what im playing in the DAW but by any chance is that whats throwing the clean guitar underneath the VST in my videos? If so is there another way to hear myself while recording, or am I missing something entirely?
  2. Im having the same problem. Just installed the desktop version yesterday after using the web based version for a few months. Any time i try to open up the SI instruments I get an error stating that it wasn't properly installed and to reinstall through CD. The instrument itself still pulls up into the DAW, though it produces no sound or recording inputs.
  3. The funny thing is, I downloaded cakewalk by bandlab straight from the website. Thats exactly what the launcher says, and exactly what it says on their website. Hell I couldn't even find the desktop version. Definitely last place i'd check would be the forums, but here I am.
  4. Thanks man. Yeah it seems as if once SONAR went out, that they started pushing the web based version. This desktop version is damn near buried. I appreciate it because I was about to jump back to pro tools 1st, though it was killing me inside. I do love how easy and intuitive cakewalk is. Free time is a hot commodity so the more time I can flex my creativity and the less I have to spend navigating tedious things on some of these larger DAWs the better.
  5. Then I'm missing something completely because this is the only version from SONAR that's free. Everything else costs money.
  6. What I mean was that I wasn't sure if maybe people were using Sonar. I'm using the newest version of CwBL available.
  7. Yeah, mine looks nothing like that. I am using the free version, though I see other's using the free version and it looks nothing like mine. I actually was referred to the free version of cakewalk from a video/tutorial series I watched on youtube of a guy using the free version. I just assumed they updated it and thought nothing more of it. But here I am two months later and the lack of features is starting to really get to me, and not being able to adjust buffer/sample is making it almost unuseable for me on larger tracks. I'm running a focusrite solo gen 3 as well as an 8 core cpu w/ 16gb of ddr4 3200mhz ram so I know its not my system. Is the free version just a no go these days for plugins and latency?
  8. Am I just having a brain dead moment or am I onto something. I've been using cakewalk for around 2 months now and all the versions I see on youtube are entirely different then the version I'm currently using. This makes tutorial videos absolutely worthless at this point. There's no longer an extensive preference tab that you can pull up to adjust buffer size and sample rate, just a "latency test" which is complete garbage. I also cannot for the life of me find a way to load any plugins, so what the point of evening having a direct in option to record on guitar if you cant even load any amp sims, effects, tool, etc? Unless I'm missing something, it seems like this new version has completely steered away from artists who want to record guitar and create a song around it unless you're recording via mic'd up amp. Even then it's a toss up because latency and audio dropouts can be a problem seeing how there's 0 customization to dial in the latency. It's frustrating because otherwise it's an extremely easy DAW to start creating with minimal growing pains.
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