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  1. I got the VST3 version, works great. Doesn't really help my situation as the gain module only maxes the clip gain out to 6dB (same as the Clip Automation function) no matter how high the gain knob level is turned up. I ended up just copying the clip to another channel to double up that part. That also gave it a bit fuller sound, too. I'll have to start recording at a lower level to allow more range of gain adjustment in the future. Thanks again for all the help!
  2. Thanks everyone for the feedback, sorry it was user error! That set of plugins looks fantastic scook! I'll have to figure out how to DL that into Cakewalk. Thanks!
  3. Sorry, took that shot before the Clip Automation, I did it like you showed. OK, so I went back and did the Clip Automation again, this time i dropped the level as far as it would go, which was -IFN, It worked! So I guess because the gain is already so high, the most gain it'll do is 6dB, which really doesn't sound much louder than the base gain. I'd have thought 6dB should have been a lot louder than it is, but its not as much as I want to punch that part up to. So now.....huh, can I boost it 6dB, save it, then reClip Automate again? to raise it up more? Is that a thing?
  4. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I thought it'd email me when I got a reply. This is the 2 effects added to this clip. The "R" is selected. I don't know about a "region fx", There is no other extra effects on the track besides what the TH3 is doing.
  5. Hi all, I've been messing with Cakewalk for about 6 months now. Really awesome software for being free. All the YouTube and forum help has been top notch in getting me recording stuff, but now I've run into something that's supposed to be pretty straight forward, but isn't working the way its shown to be. I'm having an issue with adjusting the gain of a clip in a track. I have a section of the track split and was successful with adding audio effects to the clip. Now I'd like to adjust the volume or gain of this section. I've tried the "Clip Automation/Gain" route where it brings the red line in and you click and drag to the desired gain/cut you want. When I listen back it doesn't change the level at all. Then I seen where you can highlight the clip and do the "Process/Apply effect/Gain", which I tried, but this too didn't change the level of the track. Both methods change the size of the waveform relative to the waves on either side of it, but nothing happens to the actual volume of the clip. What am I missing??
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