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  1. I'm not sure if either of these are helpful: 2019.07.20 1517_35 Cakewalk Crash.txt
  2. I've had a chance to stress-test Drumagog and everything seems to work except the "plugin hosting" feature. Specifically hosting BFD 2, it throws an error message and crashes Bandlab. I tried it in Reaper and it works fine, so this appears to be a Bandlab issue.
  3. For me Drumagog 5 was iffy in Sonar Platinum (usually one instance only would work), and it wouldn't work at all in earlier versions of Bandlab (graphic issues). I haven't stress-tested it yet, but it seems to be working smoothly in 2019.01. I don't know if you fixed it specifically, or if other changes you made fixed the issue, but in any case, thank you!
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