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  1. Audio interface? i just have a Keystation Mini 32 MK3 as my midi keyboard and my Driver mode is WASAPI Shared. Yes my specs are a bit old now.Had the PC a while.Tried to keep it going with a new Graphics card (the NVidia) and more recently an SSD drive which is rappidly filling up since I started all this!
  2. I have it working again after a re-start but this does seem to be a persistant problem on and off with Cakewalk for me at least and has not been an issue with other DAWs.
  3. My PC specs are: Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU W3540 @ 2.93GHz 2.93 GH RAM: 8GB Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB Windows 10 profesional
  4. I'm having problems again with the free BBC Symphony plugin from spitfire which keeps crashing Cakewalk when I attempt to create a track with it.This used to happen a few versions of Cakewalk back, then stopped and is now re-occuring.This never happens with my other DAWs so looks like a Cakewalk problem. The usual fix is to ''repair'' the BBC Symphony Plugin and start up Cakewalk a few times.Sometimes I have to re-start the PC. Rather anoying. Do others have this problem and is it a known issue with Cakewalk?
  5. Yes.That makes sense and explains why the data in the list is the same(in this case on channel 14) whilst the channel that outputs the sound is being forced to bx_oberhausen channel 1.
  6. Just adjusted my Midi controller to channel 1 and Oberhausen is now working properly.That was it. Thanks everyone for your help.
  7. I see.will try that though If I'm reading the event list correctly its still on channel 14 with the ''Instrument Track per Output with stereo Outputs'' or does it force it to channel 1 after this and therefore that output is not captured by the read out list?
  8. I may be getting confused between Track and data to be honest.Anyhow here is a screen shot of the same track.First with recorded midi from Oberhausen which won't play back sound, then the identical same track but with Oberhausen swapped out for Monique.In the second case(ie with Monique) I have sound.All the other data looks identical to me.
  9. But if that was the case why is that when I swap the Oberhausen for another instrument on the same track(in this case track 1 but could be any track) I get to hear the instrument.The problem is only with that instrument using the simple instrument settings.
  10. Well I have re-installed the plugin and then re-installed Cakewalk but the problem persists. I have found a simple work around though and that is to create an ''Instrument Track per Output with stereo Outputs''.This works while the ''Simple Instrument Track'' option in The Insert Soft Synths Options still does not(for bx Oberhausen that is).
  11. Ok.I'll try the plugin first.Thanks
  12. Thanks.Yes I did do that.I have this working in Bitwig and FL studio but not in Cakewalk so something peculiar to Cakewalk or at least my set up in Cakewalk I would think.
  13. Doesn't seem to make any difference.Thanks. Think I'll try to Re-install Cakewalk.Here is a video showing what happens when I play keys on the midi keyboard and what the meters are showing. The left Hand meter shows a reading and the other one shows nothing Meter readings.mp4
  14. Thanks.Just tryed re-scanning with ''reset'' but no differance.Before I re-install Cakewalk is there any configuration possible in Oberhausen to make sure midi is going to the right place.In Kontact for example sometimes you need to make sure the midi channel is set to Omni.The same for some other instruments.
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