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  1. I did reach out to Melodyne folks and they confirmed that it is an issue with Cakewalk by bandlab. Both developer teams are aware of issue. It was also sated that the region FX method is recommended work around as Melodyne tech stated that the issue is also with Cakewalk and Melodyne 4.1 Thanks to everyone for their input.
  2. ISSUE NOT RESOLVED: So uninstalling Melodyne Assistant and installing Melodyne that comes with Cakewalk by Band lab allows for the drag of audio track to midi track and expected conversion work. HOWEVER- I upgraded a while back to Melodyne Assistant and then installing Assistant places me right back where I was - conversion errors out with computer not responding? I think this is an issue for BandLab?
  3. So I uninstalled Melodyne that was previously installed on PC I used the bandlab installer to install melodyne- Tested cakewalk - audio to midi now works- THANKS to msmcleod FOR THE LEAD INFO ON THIS
  4. Maybe this will shed some light on the matter: When I installed Cakewalk Band lab, I chose NOT to install Melodyne because I already had Cakewalk Plat on my machine along with melodyne ASSISTANT installed (which is a step up from essential which commonly comes with both versions of cakewalk. My Melodyne software either as a stand alone or vst within cakewalk bandlab works properly. It is when I drag a short audio clip from an audio track to a midi track - I used to do this all the time and it worked fine. Since installing bandlab - it hangs?
  5. I do not believe that the legacy version of Cakewalk used Melodyne to make the audio to midi conversion. I installed Cakewalk Bandlab without Melodyne and the conversion works fine. I have an upgraded version of Melodyne on a different machine that the error occurs. Does Cakewalk by Bandlab have a way of choosing the app to use for the audio to midi conversion and can where might that selection or choice to change it be?
  6. Using Cakewalk by Bandlab current version where copying an audio track to a midi track the conversion hangs and computer stops responding. When I do the same in legacy cakewalk version, No issue? Any advice?
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