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  1. still no DAW control. ACT doesnt work. Contol survace plug in doest work. Only thing I can do is use it as a keyboard not a control surface. Lets all find a way to individually assign parameters .
  2. Ok I downloaded the contol surface plug in. Abacab, can you re redirect me to your original posting 4 years ago. Its no longer in this thread. Nothing has changed. I'm wiling to manually assign each bank rotary fader transport and pad to the parameters I want to control ( pan, track volume, rewind beginning last marker next marker stop play pause record, track volume. downloading the control surface plug in had no effect. Even in act mode. Ad its a dll file, not an exe file. I need more detailed instructions.
  3. So, uninstalled driver, restarted windows, went to rolands link... plugged her in... a minute later the driver was in my apps... no window no prompt no install wizard... nothing. It was just there. Spooky. So I opened up the read me and set midi devices inside cakewalk... heres the key... the manual said to open a new project and insert rgc audio square (32 bit) soft synth. So I did and now knobs and faders, everything works. You were all right and I was just not following instructions. Bad Mickey. Now I'm going to work on trying to play some other VSTS... Thanks Abacab and everyone
  4. OK. Sorry for the rant everyone. Dove into a bottle of tequila after 6 hours of failed attempts and frustration and woke up up next to this beautiful little mute. Bad Mickey. Lets see if we can read her papers better and get her to talk. Now, yesterday I found that the automatic downnload I got from this link https://www.roland.com/ca/support/by_product/a-300pro/updates_drivers/703e59c5-65de-492a-993f-33726f044a6c/ is in fact not version like it says it is on the roland support page. Inside my device manager page under properties / details it says its version last updated in 2015. I'm going to be more patient today and try again. Under the driver I installed yesterday when I turn her on she says ACT map 1 is for cubase. ACT map 0 is for Sonar. Thats right... zero. Ill post again later. Thanks for not giving up on me.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mickey+monster+hurricane+lane
  6. I want to talk to Bandlab corporate. I need you all to spread this to every one you know. Im wiling to be the ambassador lab rat. Ive been using cakewalk for 20 years. Im ready to make it my one and only life goal. Dont let me down. start pouring in all your gripes your frustrations your convictions... we are 2 million strong... get up off your asses and helpme help you help us
  7. number 2 ... work with Roland to re supply drivers without Microsoft... they threw me under the bus today
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