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  1. Here we are at the end of 2023. And I have had this control bar issue for months. Every time I open the program, the control bar needs resetting. Looking at the answers above, hopefully, things will be resolved.
  2. According to the docs, users can change folder locations if "things get cluttered." However, I've installed the program on E:\ drive, not the default C:\ drive. Yet most of the files are copied into my User Profile (AppData/Roaming/Cakewalk). I say "most" because half the files are on C:\ (ProChannel Presets, etc) while the other half are on E:\. I cannot get Bandlab/Cakewalk to "remember" the folder locations. I point them all to E:. Next time I fire up the software, however, they've returned to C:\. Anyone have any clues?
  3. I have several songs, each in their own folder. I finish one song, copy its folder to a backup drive, and delete the original. Then I go to the next folder to work on the song there. Trouble is, Bandlab undeletes (yes, UNDELETES) the first folder, and tries to find the audio files therein. Of course, I've got to tell it for each file, "No, dummy, it's not THERE, it's HERE." Reference file from here. This is a real PITA. Am I doing something wrong? Because I've been using this program for years, even when it was still owned by Cakewalk/Sonar/etc. Never had this problem before. I double-checked the Folder Locations under Preferences. That old folder is not in there, in case anyone asks.
  4. It would be nice to have a Repeat Last Action in the DAW. Photoshop, Word, Excel, etc., all have this feature. I've already submitted the request to the devs; they suggested I also throw it on the forum. I use the legato CAL script quite a bit to clean up MIDI tracks. You know the issue: overlaps, gaps, etc. Highlight the notes, press Ctrl-F1, select Legato, hit Enter. But after the 89th time pressing Ctrl-F1 becomes tedious. Repeating the script with a single keystroke would save my arthritic thumb a lot of grief.
  5. Man, I just grabbed Synthway's RetroMagix Harpsichord, for Kontakt. Absolutely blown away by this marvelous VSTi. If you're into Bach, check this thing out. Only $24.
  6. I'm almost too embarrassed to admit this, but I think I found the cause. I left my Jethro Tull songbook on my MIDI controller keyboard while messing around with something else. Saved the project to answer a call. Came back a few hours later, loaded it up, and started scratching my head. DOH!
  7. See edit above. I'm just going to write this off as a glitch. No sense in worrying myself silly.
  8. Here is the CWP, a WIP. You may not have the same VST's but you can at least poke around and see what I'm missing. X-Eyed Mary.cwp EDIT: Just looked at the bass track in my MIDI program. Those lines are all CC#75. Don't know how they got there.
  9. Here's a larger screenie. Tried what you suggested. No change. Even rebooted the machine. Those lines look like velocity peaks. Playing around with the values did not change anything. Oh, yeah... Parts of the same tracks look normal, while other parts are jacked up, as shown above.
  10. All of a sudden, my MIDI tracks lool like audio files set at maximum volume and then clipped. The piano roll reflects the blue track above. They play fine; I just don't like the looks of them. Hard to see what's going on. Any ideas?
  11. Ricebug

    Compressor Algorithms

    In my old Sonar Platinum, when I wanted to add compression to an instrument, I clicked on the field just above the Compressor in ProCh (Inspector), and a tiny folder would appear, taking me straight to the algorithms. In CnB, however, clicking this folder only brings up a main directory (/AppData/Roaming/Cakewalk, etc), where I then have to navigate through a host of sub-menus on my C drive to find them. Since I can never remember the arcane name of this folder, (/Cakewalk Core/ProChannelPresets) it becomes a nuisance. Is there a way to get CnB to "remember" this folder? I've not seen it in the Folder Locations settings.
  12. Since switching over to BandLab, some of my Native Instruments interfaces are scrambled. Here's an example:
  13. I'm the admin puke on my own machine. Used Ultimate Windows Tweaker to make sure. The whole admin rights thing is most annoying. But, it is what it is. When I worked at a computer outlet, I'd troubleshoot machines folks would bring in. I was appalled at some of the idiotic things they'd do to their machines, and then blame the manufacturer for it.
  14. I have all these synth plugins but I cannot, for the life of me, find the sound that resurrects that thick, sliding, analog signature sound of ELP! Anyone have any suggestions? Been fooling around with Monark, which comes close, but I need a real synth head. I'm mostly a Lee Michaels copycat.
  15. Just an update. Wiped Cakewalk and BandLab from my drive and did a complete reinstall. Still unable to use the DXi plugins.
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