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  1. IndieDev

    Some questions.

    Hello, please some questions, all with MIDI: 1 - In most sequencers, when you press STOP twice the timeline returns to the beginning, that does not happen in Cakewalk, can I activate it somehow? 2 - Can the number of channels that can be recorded be limited to 1? In the screenshot you can see that there are two channels, I want to limit it to 1 at most. 3 - When I activate the recording on a track on which there are already recorded notes, those notes are not heard during the recording, I would like to hear those notes, do I have to activate an option or something?. 4 - Can you make the recording auto-activate on the track I select? In Cakewalk you select a track but that doesn't make the record icon cartoon automatically activate on that track (that happens in Reason), so you have to turn it on and off manually on the track you want to record on, I would like to have Reason's behavior in Cakewalk, is that possible? So you simply just select the track you want to record on and that's it, you don't have to be aware that recording is activated on different channels or anything like that. In the attached gif you can see that I select several tracks but that does not affect the recording icon that remains fixed on the upper track.
  2. 1 - I just saved the file and closed cakewalk (second 0:08 in the video) 2- I don't recall selecting any workspaces so I assume I use the default
  3. I'm saving my file with two VST plugin tracks and piano roll and the same thing keeps happening. The position of the window is not memorized and appears in a wrong position. Cakewalk has a problem. The position of the piano roll window is not saved when you move the position of the piano roll window to the second monitor. In this video you can see but I can only record one monitor. I place the window. I save the file. I close cakewalk. I open Cakewalk. I open the file. The position of the piano roll window was not saved and appears misplaced and I need to relocate it. 2021-12-30 15-55-21.mp4
  4. But in the documentation it says this: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Dialogs2.071.html
  5. Hello, I set my clock to "internal", click on Apply. After a moment, I go back to the option and the clock appears set to "Audio." Why does this happen?
  6. Hi, when I minimize Cakewalk and I want to play an audio file or a youtube video (while Cakewalk does not play anything and is stopped) I cannot do it because it seems that Cakewalk is still occupying the sound engine. How can I make Cakewalk release the sound when I stop or minimize it? Reason has a "Play in the background" option that does just that. In Reason, if you activate this option, Reason will continue to play and occupy the sound engine even if it is minimized, if you deactivate it, you release the audio for other applications when Reason is minimized or its window is not active and Reason will automatically stop its playback.
  7. Thanks guys, that little button was the solution.
  8. Hi, I have created a track with a VST instrument but for some reason the track was created in mono, that is, it is only heard on the left channel and I cannot pan it to the center. Why did this happen? How can I convert the track to stereo?
  9. Hi, I think this is where problems are reported. I use two monitors, Cakewalk does not seem to be saving the state of the windows, their position, size etc ... I configure my windows like this, the red line is the division of the monitors. I save the file with this arrangement of the windows. Then I load the file and get this The piano roll window does not appear as I positioned it. Forget the tracks, just note that the piano roll window did not save its settings and the user has to reposition it
  10. Thanks, I've been reading but I think there is no way to deactivate it, only to deselect it or make it transparent, I would like that bar never appear.
  11. I think it's not like this. The green bar is for selection. The yellow bar is for looping. Likewise, even though I disabled both buttons, the green bar still appears.
  12. IndieDev

    Deactivate selection bar

    Hello, I think there are too many tools on the top bar (the zoom, the selection, the bar etc ... too many things in there) and I get confused when I have to select something. I would like to deactivate the green bar that is used to make selections, I want to deactivate it. How can I do it? Look how many bars there are, it's a mess to select between the bars.
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