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  1. CW not closing used to be an issue a long time ago. I am sure Noel remembers that. I have not heard anything like that recently. If your computer is within like 3 years old, try to see if you can update the BIOS, and all other drivers from the mother board's manufacturer. If it is older, then try an Driver Updater, something like DriverMax, for example. I mentionned this one because it works and it is the cheapeast. Download the free version and then uninstall it, and DriverMax will try to make you a deal. Don't buy right away. I had to use DriverMax not too long ago, like last year, and it updated my video on-board driver. The MB is from Gigabite, and both Win10 update and Gigabite swore over my mother's grave that there is no newer driver for the video driver. And that what I am having now is the best and latest. But DriverMax updated, and since then my old PC has been very smooth. I am about to build a new system, but I am waiting for the new MB that are coming out with USB4, which would be Thunderbolt compatible. I am using AMD, and that is the reason why I have to wait. The new chip will probably be the Ryzen 7 3800x. Also, the last thing is, do we all remember CJ, Noel, he always blamed it on the converter's driver. Funny but he turned out to be right most of the time. He left us a long time ago and is now using Sequoia. dan
  2. I prefer AMD. But until we have Thunderbolt, I will not upgrade. I called Gigabites and they say the end of this year.
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