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  1. hey everyone, I was searching through for free plugins and could only find the basic stuff however what I'm interested in is finding any Leads, Electric Piano, Electric drum kit and some more great sounds that are free which I can use for producing my songs. I know I'm being really picky and I'm aware there is not much great stuff when we talk about FREE plugins and i'll need to buy some in the coming future. I just started playing in cakewalk and getting started in Music but only finding the basic drums basic guitar and basic pianos in free plugins is very restricted to the genres I wanna explore producing with this Daw. So please let me know if you guys have found some free plugins with leads or electric instruments or something that better than basic or pre-installed instruments. thanks
  2. This might happen if your display settings is set to more than 100% so to fix this open file in location (even if its the shortcut) - right click to select troubleshoot compatibility - select troubleshoot program - select open but doesn't display correctly -select when large scale font settings option. Test the program and save the settings. Unfortunately if you use a font scale setting of 150% or higher it might look tiny on your pc/laptop to restore the resolution but setting the font higher for program only makes it blurry. So you gotta choose between high res and tiny font or low res and normal font basically. hope that helps :)
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