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  1. So after various tries, switching from wasapi exclusive to wasapi shared (both from driver settings and CbB), everything worked fine again. And the interesting thing is, on the same problematic project that I recorded stuttering video with exact same settings now works without issues when I switched back to wasapi exclusive as well.
  2. Hi. Until recently, I was using my audio interface as default output device and I also set that audio interface as CbB output and things were fine. Then I mistakenly opened CbB when default output device was set to laptop onboard device and I experienced stutter in GUI and audio latency. I noticed bitrate, sample rate and input/output device settings were messed up, then I fixed them, switched to audio interface output but problems persist. Problem isn't specific to Vital. Creating new projects with correct settings, restarting computer, and even reinstalling CbB -which fixed my earlier issue with encoder- didn't help. I recorded a video (60fps, no audio) of stutter: Is there a fix for this issue? Thanks.
  3. Hi. I installed the update and it gave an error which says "Code could not run because mfc120u.dll couldn't found. Reinstalling the program may resolve this issue." In CbB it seems like Version 2021.09(Build 145) installed. Do I need a reinstallation or should I ignore the error?
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