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  1. Understood. What are you using (in case the cheap one I've got isn't up to snuff)?
  2. Then it appears neither of us have tested the buffering on our USB/MIDI cables.
  3. The SysEx's I've been transferring are about 8K (patch banks so I've had no issues. I hope the USB/MIDI cable I've chosen is well buffered...
  4. Me too! If only I knew *exactly* what I did to fix things...
  5. MIDI-OX worked perfectly. And now Cakewalk does as well. My Ensoniq may be older, but it's works 🙂.
  6. Well, I'm sure I was able to make it work using Cakewalk for DOS in the late 80's so I hold out hope.
  7. It does, and I've been successful in sending from the synth to Cakewalk. The problem I've had is going the other way, restoring a bank from Cakewalk to the synth. But you've given me an idea. The SQ-80 has a Storage button, with a MIDI sub-button. Pressing that button brings up a page that implies I can only load from another Ensoniq instrument. I'll give this a try with Cakewalk. But even if that works, I still need to be able to send banks without touching the keyboard...
  8. I've verified that it's enabled. But it's under the Record section, so does it affect sending banks?
  9. Even if it works it's not really a solution; I need this to work from within Cakewalk.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I think I can do the same thing with MIDI OX, but I need to get it working from within Cakewalk. I haven't had time to research this yet, but I know there's a way; I've done it before with Cakewalk for DOS (which was the most recent version of Cakewalk I'd used until now, so things have changed a just a little 🙂).
  11. Yes, that's exactly what I meant. When Ensoniq built this beast, there were two dominant 3 1/2" formats: Mac and DOS. Why they choose neither is beyond me, and frustrates me no end. I also have cartridges I'd like to back up. As an aside, the SQ-80 only allows transferring a cartridge bank via the internal bank, so it's a two-step process - transfer to the internal bank then to the PC. As an added bonus, you end up having to restore your internal bank to its original patches. I guess I shouldn't bitch; it's amazing what these guys did with such limited computing power and resouces.
  12. I wonder if you could follow those links in the Internet Wayback Machine? Their archives go way back 🙂.
  13. I took a look and can't quite figure out what it is. I see it's got a high-end DAC with mixed mic inputs and connects via USB; I get that part. How does that stuff tie in with MIDI? Or are the MIDI ports just a convenience feature and not tied to the audio functions? I've got a Schiit Modi 3 DAC and, with my voice, don't need a mic 🙂!
  14. I didn't mean to reply to your message specifically and can't find a way to cancel this reply; I hope all who are helping me along will be notified. As you suggested I checked, and patch changes are enabled. Thanks to you all, I've made some progress. The documentation is outstanding to the degree that I've printed it and had it bound (5 volumes!). That said, sometimes you don't know what you're looking for or the right term to search for, so your help is appreciated. I was surprised to see my 34-year-old SQ-80 in the list of supported instruments. Alas, I couldn't receive a bank dump from the synth that way; the SQ-80 never started sending as far as I can tell. I imagine this is a setting on the synth I haven't had time to research. But that's not important now, because... I'm able to receive patch banks from the synth when I select <You start dump on instrument> and press the 'Send' button on the SQ-80. What I don't have working is sending banks to the synth. Again, I believe this is just a setting on the SQ-80 I've yet to discover. ==>One 'gotcha' on the SQ-80 I'd long forgotten is that it disables SysEx messages when you power up the unit.
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