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  1. I wasn't aware it were not compatible with Ventura. I 've been using it almost since Ventura launch on my M1 Mac mini with no issues.
  2. "This promo has ended" is shown in the link you posted. 🙁
  3. Page not found. Looks like the link is wrong.
  4. Wasn't this released in November?
  5. Poor girl... really beautiful dog. I wish she will get better.
  6. Isn't this like false advertisement or something? Bitwig 8 TRACKS has been alway free and they advertised it as costing 99€ which is plainly false (even the 16 tracks version is cheaper than that). Shame on them for trying to sale more magazines by lying to uninformed people.
  7. pcampos

    Reaper updated to 6.71

    wow, that's a huge change log. Amazing that I purchased a license for Reaper on 2016 for version 5 and is still valid for the last version (with continuous development) more than 6 years later.
  8. well, Apple market share is 8% for all users, but I am quite sure that its marketshare for audio related users is quite more than that. Apple silicon is a huge innovation and improvement. I am convinced that in the next few years it will take over all of the Mac user base. I can't understand audio software companies not understanding this. Regarding VST3, if you don't update to this format you are leaving all of your Cubase/Nuendo users behind. Also something I don't think is very smart from them. VST3 was released years ago and at least to me (I am hobbyist so I could be wrong) it makes way easier the side chain setup for plugins among other things. To me Positive Grid is plainly lazy and they really do care of getting money without investing in their product development. Something that some other companies does too.
  9. Just found that owners of perpetual FG-X license get free upgrade to FG-X2. This is how you should treat your customers! FG-X is a very old product, but many users like it despite all of the compatibility issues. It is nice form Slate to give this for free to their loyal customers, I wish other companies did the same (looking at you iZotope, I would never buy a thing from you again after your Nectar Plus scam and absurd upgrade prices, among others). I used to be an All Access Pass subscriber and FG-X was really good. I can imagine how good this upgraded version is.
  10. It is hard to believe that this company doesn't have native Apple Silicon support yet for their products. And it looks like they only provide VST2 and AAX formats for their flagship products. I would never buy something from them, their lack of support to their customers is incredible IMO.
  11. Me neither. Nice update, it nows support native M1. This is the release notes: Added native support for Apple silicon Macs (Apple M-series chips). Added support for macOS Monterey, macOS Ventura, and Windows 11. Deprecated support for macOS High Sierra (10.13), macOS Mojave (10.14), and Windows 8. Deprecated support for the VST2 plug-in format. The VST2 plug-in format is not included with 2.1.0.
  12. Looks like they are killing Iris, BreakTweaker and Trash for MacOS users, unless they update these for Ventura compatibility.
  13. pcampos

    Reaper updated to 6.69

    Neat indeed. And if you try their development builds you will see that there are many more interesting features being baked. You can check landoleet.org Contrary to what you can believe, this pre-release versions are very stable... many people use those in their production machines.
  14. You are right. I think my timing was really bad. I purchased my license on February, 2022, so it was just 7 months and this new version was released. I am a little upset that now I should have to pay again. I read somewhere that now that Presonus was acquired by Fender we should expect yearly version releases.
  15. Well, considering Presonus will be launched one new version of Studio one per year it looks like subscribing to Sphere is the way to go. Doesn't make sense to buy the upgrade if it is almost the same cost as the yearly subscription. I will have to think about it. Anyone remember if Sphere subscriptions went on sale before?
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