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  1. That's odd, their support has been always superb to my requests. Maybe if you post in Facebook Slate Audio Dojo group you can get a solution, Steven Slate is always reading those posts.
  2. Pal, you will never regret buying this. It's a game changer. An after using you will find that you will not need a lot of plugins to get an excellent mix. At least for me, after using it I use less and less plugins.
  3. This is a no brainer. I am using VSX since its Founders Edition. This is a must for everyone, even the few ones with a perfect acoustic treated room with perfect monitor.
  4. For typical EQ corrections, Reaper's stock EQ. For sound sculpt I use many others starting with channel strip EQ (bx_console Focusrite SC, bx_console N, bx_console SSL 4000 E-G, Neutron, Ozone EQ, etc)
  5. Agreed. This is just a basic (digital AFAIK) EQ with nothing special.
  6. I had it like 4 or 5 years ago for 2 years. It was really good value for the money, but I could hardly justify the expense considering that for me this is a hobby I dedicate less than a couple of hours weekly (with luck). So I finished my subscription. Then I had to replace the plugins in my unfinished projects (almost all of my projects...) because buying them was cost prohibitive for me. Then I promised my self to never suscribe to plugins. But... the plugins were amazing, then I saved and bough VML-1 and VSX, both amazing products I couldn't live without it.
  7. I am not that privileged 😒
  8. Well, actually with the way Reaper handles audio media there shouldn't be a noticeable overhead with the way it handles mono sources. You can search about mono tracks in Reaper forums and there you will find lots of explanations and information regarding the topic. But as I said, you (meaning Reaper users) don't need a special Mono track in order to work with mono sources/plugins. That is why Reaper will never have that kind of tracks. Actually Reaper will never have any sort of track 'types'.
  9. You don't need mono tracks in Reaper, that is why that will never happen.
  10. Lucky you, my 2015 purchased license was only valid until this morning.
  11. Here you have it: https://dlz.reaper.fm/userguide/REAPER 7 Whats New Summary_13.pdf This is the what's new in 7.0 with how to use the new feature. Page 9: Fixed Media Item Lanes is what you are looking for
  12. And license valid up to 8.99, which should be until 2028 more or less . Incredible value.
  13. It is a free update (VSX 4). I really appreciate this company. I bought Founders edition (VSX 1.0) and I have been eligible for all the free updates up to this one, each one adding more value to an already amazing product. I wish other companies do the same for their loyal customers (looking at you iZotope and Waves). By the way, if you have the opportunity, go and buy VSX. It will make an enormous improvement in your mixes. I can't believe how bad was my mixing room until I started to use this. Can't mix without it.
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