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  1. Brilliant. Thanks for that. works in chrome too
  2. Is there any solution to missing graphics in documentation? Icons appear instead of diagrams. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the appropriate response. My frustration should not have been so obvious. Apologies to all. I will, do better
  4. I have created a Casio input which seems to work now. Thanks everyone
  5. The input is through a presonus usb box. Sorry I can only blame covid for not responding...!!
  6. I am stunned that the people answering this simple question are not giving an answer. The procedures you outline might be fine if there is NO PROBLEM. however I am having the same issue and the answers avoid the issue. If everything is done properly why might it not work.
  7. used ripple setting...now it DOES work!!!!
  8. me too....delete fails. not available anywhere
  9. Cannot see midi input in the devices section of Midi. Where should I look to make sure my keyboard is recognised?
  10. I have the same problem.... I know this is an old question but why isn't it solved? seems strange that a folder is specified but unusable? Is it really the only solution..i.e. change file storage address/?
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