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  1. @David Baay Had an idea I was working through the solution. Looks like CAL is nothing more than scripting functions. I do SQL development for a living so I'm familiar with the concepts, etc. Do you know if within the CAL library, we can access global tempo settings, similar to the "Now" function? My idea was to take the CAL script and "parameterize" it so to speak so I don't have to adjust the ticks for different tempos. Haven't found anything after a brief Google search, but curious if you have any experience here. Thanks again!
  2. Greetings, I have spent the better part of the day scouring the internet for an answer and I am afraid I might lack the vocabulary to properly express what I am looking to do in Cakewalk. Here goes... I have recorded a series of samples I intend to add to a sampler. I would like to trim each clip so that they all have the same number of seconds before the initial transient so I can properly time-align them in the sampler. Same thing on the back end of the initial transient. My intended process would look something like this: "tab to" transient backup exactly 500 milliseconds split the clip "tab to" transient move forward exactly 500 milliseconds split the clip Anyone ever had any experience with this? I have seen examples of other DAWs being able to do this (I think Reaper???). Anything similar in Cakewalk? Thanks!
  3. That did it! I'm a little confused as to what changed because the lenses I was using were defined weeks ago when I was setting up my mix workflow. Thanks for posting the link and the quick reply!
  4. Greetings, I have noticed a potential bug when inserting new tracks to existing projects. This bug seems to be occurring after installation of the latest update, however I cannot definitively say it wasn't happening before. Here are the steps where it manifests: Open existing project (nothing fancy, 4-10 tracks, some soft synths, small number of plugins, only routing is to two busses, depending on channel, etc.) Click "Insert Audio Track" in the Track View window No new tracks are present, but I can see in the Inspector Window (just to the left in my setup) I can see the new track. When I switch to Console View, I can see the track I have attached a screen shot where I highlighted the largest track number visible in Track View and the "new track" in the Inspector Window. I confirmed the track is showing up in the Track Manager list and I didn't change (or at least I am not aware that I changed) any feature recently that would impact how tracks are inserted. Any experience with this issue or any suggestions on troubleshooting? I verified it is happening on multiple projects - all the same way. Thanks in advance for assistance!
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