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  1. Hello Everyone! Just a quick reminder - GROTH intro offer ends in less than 24 hours. When the library goes up to 259 USD it stays up there. We do not plan to make discounts on GROTH in the near future. We think that discounts in the near future for GROTH would be a complete disrespect for those who believed in us and bought the product for the intro price. Thank you and have a great day! Wa Team ❤️
  2. Hey Everyone! Today we wanted to share a couple of new demos with you. Let us know what you think. The demos were fully written on GROTH. With the first one, we wanted to create something in Witcher 3 soundtrack style. The second demo is built around the guitar from GROTH. The instrument was used in non-standard and different ways. Ksay Mentor decided to compose a little demo in his unique style. Check it out And by the way, a little reminder, 5 days left to get GROTH with an intro discount. We will not make any discounts for GROTH in 2021. We believe that such sales will be unfair to users who bought the library at the intro price. Evgeny
  3. Hey guys! I just wanted to share a couple of first-looks and video reviews of the library today. At this moment we are making a couple of new naked demos for GROTH. The first one will use more acoustic guitar in different ways. Because we believe demo composers didn't pay enough attention to the guitar And with the second one, we just tried to compose something in Witcher 3 soundtrack style. I hope we can share it with you soon. Have a great day!
  4. Hello Everyone! Let me introduce to you our latest effort GROTH. Check it here: https://wavelet-audio.com/groth/ Short description: The sound of GROTH evokes the atmosphere of mystical old northern gods, ancient cultural traditions, burial mounds, and rugged forests suspended in frost. This toolbox draws on rich and diverse traditions of folk music rooted in the depths of our past. GROTH provides everything you could need to create contemporary cinematic music inspired by the dark ages and mythology, modern viking-style music, and any kind of epic music with an air fantasy and distinctly dark post-horror atmosphere. It helps to add depth and provide a vast and unique atmosphere to your productions. This NKS library isn’t limited to ancient pagan folk music — rather, it lies at the crossroads of cinematic, modern folk, and post-horror. Videos: Demos: Available for $199 until the 10th of October. Features: 61 Detailed Programmed Instruments Works with Free Kontakt Player 6.2+ 10.6 GB of hard drive space True legato Multiple Round Robins Multiple dynamic layers Bonus Construction Kits and Foley Sounds Thanks for your attention, guys ❤️ WA Team
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