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  1. Hello , sorry to jump in again ..i just gave a try connecting with an audio interface (scarlet i2i ) , but looks like band lab in chrome still has latency issue with midi , is there anyway we can ensure , that bandlab web version is routing through audio interface ? sorry if its a wrong forum , if you could point me to bandlab forum, that would be amazing ! please let me know Thanks,
  2. cool ..thanks for your reply ..appreciated
  3. ok ...cool ..but do you know , if chrome is using Asio4All , i thought its using windows default driver ..is there a way to find that out ? Thanks,
  4. Hello, i am using a high spec gaming laptop(windows10 ) , which has no latency while using in daw's like reaper with Alesis vmini midi keyboard ...but when i use band lab in chrome , there is latency ...is there anyway , we can use asio4All in chrome browser , i think , its to do with the audio drivers...........when i change windows audio to 16 bit 41000 khz, it is slightly better but not playable as there is latency ....can anyone suggest , the solution for it ? Thankyou !
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