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  1. thanks for the input. yes turning off the FX before rendering did the trick. Yes I have the latest version I was evaluating the early access for the upcoming update when I first encountered the issue, so I rolled back thinking that might have been the cause. the improvements to Melodyne 5 make the jump a no brainer.
  2. I recently upgraded to the trial version of melodyne 5 from melodyne 4 editor edition. I am exited by the improvements to the algorithms and i am strongly considering the upgrade to melodyne 5 editor since installing the trial however, Cakewalk crashes every time i create a region effect. I already tried increasing the buffer size but that did not help. once cakewalk crashes the only way to resolve it is to force quit through the task manager. the first picture shows the audio dropout that tells me that cakewalk is about to crash. this happens directly after creating the region effect. the second shows the actual crash the third is my audio settings at the time thanks in advance for any help you can offer OS Win 10 version 2004 (64bit) processor intel I5 7400 @ 3.0 Ghz 12 GB Ram interface Focusrite 6i6
  3. I had been evaluating the demo when Gibson closed the shop. I don't have a license. The demo does work in CbBL. But still inserts silence because it is a demo. I refuse to use cracked plugins so was waiting to see what band lab was going to offer. It just became too hard to wait
  4. after waiting i decided to get the needed compressors from waves. I would have preferred to support Cakewalk but I could not wait any longer. I am still eager to see some of the old cakewalk vsts come out in the future. most notably Rapture and Dimention Pro I would still like to get a unlocked copy of the CA-2A as the waves plugins do not work on my win 7 machine. anyone who can point me in the right direction her would be appreciated
  5. My question goes out to the fine folks at bandlab. are there plans to release a new version of Dimention Pro or Rapture? I am also interested in the Cakewalk CA-2A compressor I was evaluating a Demo when Gibson closed down the site. I am more than willing to pay for the software and I would much rather get it here than from some third party
  6. thanks scook, I knew it had to be something simple that I was overlooking
  7. Hello there, I am trying a new approach to writing. I have found myself in a rut and so I am using Scaler (plugin boutique) to come up with chord ideas that I wouldn't think of myself and EZkeys (Toontrack) to play them (because I suck at piano) but it is a pain to have to flip flop between the two windows. I have two screens so space isn't an issue. does anyone know how to set cakewalk to allow more than one soft synth window at a time? if anyone else is having trouble breaking out of their comfort zone I recommend both of the plugins mentioned above Scaler is only about $50 and is Well worth it Ezkeys on the other hand is quite pricey but if you struggle like I do to play even the most simple piano parts then it is well worth the price. and no I am not getting paid to plug them LOL
  8. thanks for the post Malcolm, I have been looking into Roli for a while...I have been a Cakewalk user since 2004 and I have no interest in learning a new daw just to have access to the cool features of the roli
  9. I have Nectar (the full version) and I love it... it is excellent for giving a performance that little lift one sometimes needs. but it is not good for any in depth editing you'll need melodyne for that
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