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  1. I just installed build 134 on my laptop, and ran it on the onboard soundcard, amazing. Perfect sound. Bandlab will automatically switch to WASAPI But everyone should still use a dedicated soundcard, the sound will be better, more accurate for monitoring. Personal opinion. I have been using Sonar CakeWalk since 2010, and have never had any intention of switching to another software. Now it's free to use, supports continuous updates, and listens to user feedback. So grateful for that!
  2. @Jonathan Saso @msmcleod @Noel Borthwick @Jacques Boileau Thank you to everyone who responded so quickly. I've been busy the past few days, and when I come back, it's very emotional to have people care about my problem. THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED. I simply updated build 133. And to my surprise, the previous 3 projects were working normally, with NO DIFFERENCE to do. Again, I'm very appreciative!
  3. I updated to 2021.09 build 120. And right after that, continued to update build 123 I really like the new Export. Very fast and convenient rendering of individual tracks, but still through full FX. This is something I've been waiting for for a long time. Many thanks team! Currently I am having the following error: I can't play the project without the SOLO button on for all the tracks. Same picture. This does not happen with all projects. But this is the 2nd project that I encountered. To play the project, you must enable SOLO. In previous updates, August and earlier, I never had this error. Hope someone can help me fix this error, or, the next update will fix this, for example.
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