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  1. They are NOT great, not good even, just ok. Way too much bass, reasonably comfortable; without some EQ on whatever bus is feeding them , they are pretty much unusable for studio work. R
  2. This mic is AWESOME, unbelievable for the price really. I have tons of mics and have been using this one for almost everything for the last couple of years. I've had sax players with expensive Neumanns commenting on how great the sax sound was on some tracks I've done with this.... R
  3. I was nominated for a Grammy with the Rippingtons for Modern Art! R
  4. I'm using a 50" LG 4K TV and have for a few years now. It's AWESOME, and allows me to work from further away when I want to, or be up close and get a LOT of info at the same time. R
  5. Too little too late. YEARS of punishing paying customers... no thank you. I started on Cubase on the Atari ST but I will never buy a piece of Steinberg software again. R
  6. Just remember, the process of registering with the copyright office has nothing to do with GETTING or OWNING the copyright, it's literally only registering it. I'm not saying you shouldn't do it, but you automatically are the copyright holder when you create it. And please stop spelling it "copywrite", it's the RIGHT to COPY thus COPYRIGHT. This world is confusing enough without these common misspellings! R
  7. It would be nice if there were a simple option in the Piano Roll to only show "selected" midi, it could be just a check box in the view options. That said, I've used Ableton EXTENSIVELY, and it has always felt like a toy when it comes to audio editing and manipulation compared to Sonar/Cakewalk. It has its advantages, being able to just grab the tempo while playing dozens of audio tracks and dozens of midi tracks and just speed up or slow down on the fly is AMAZING, but it's no substitute for CbB, it just isn't. R
  8. Tha'ts the completely opposite experience from mine. Cakewalk is eminently stable here, as long as I don't use third party plugins, some of which are just badly coded. I've done tons of sessions at studios with repeatedly crashing Protools rigs, my buddy's Logic requires a good 5 to 6 reboots every time I spend a few hours there. Ableton is like Cakewalk for me: as long as I stay away from certain 3rd party plugs, it's quite stable and reliable. R
  9. All I remember is a couple guys I know spending BIG bucks doing a Black Lion Mod on their interfaces (Digi003 I believe) and it making ZERO difference as far as I'm concerned. It was hilarious..... R
  10. I use a 50" LG 4K TV as my monitor and have for a couple of years now. I run scaling at 150% and it looks great! R
  11. It's what happens when your Cakewalk projects are recorded at 44.1Khz but somehow the Audio Interface is running at 48Khz anyway. If you use the interface for Windows Sounds, and not only for Cakewalk, this might happen by simply playing a Youtube video while Cakewalk is open. R
  12. iLok: no way ! I wouldn't use it if you paid me... R
  13. You shouldn't be having dropouts. I can run my dual core i5 Surface Pro 3 at 70% CPU at 64 samples. Something is up.... Have you tried a different USB port? Have you tried disabling power management on the USB port? Have you take the machine offline? R
  14. I bought a fairly cheap Asus gaming machine with a 45W Ryzen and a GTX 1050, was easy to add a second SSD and 16GB of ram, the whole thing cost me $700 or so. The thing FLIES and is even reasonably quiet. R
  15. This here is not really good information. You can't compare i7s and i5s across the board like that. Realize that a 65W i3 is faster than a 15W i7, realize that a modern i3 is faster than an i7 from 7 years ago at the same TDP. First off, THE most important part of getting low latency is picking the right interface. The fastest i9 with a USB Focusrite is gonna have worse latency than an i3 Surface Pro with a ZOOM UAC2. Really the only affordable interfaces with truly low latency are MOTUs and the ZOOM UAC series. Secondly, the type of device you get determines the power envelope a processor gets. Ultra Portables have 15W or even lower, gaming laptops are much better for less money. A modern i3 or i5 full size laptop is faster than an ultra portable i7. That said, after disabling ACPI Battery Control Method in Device Manager, my i5 Surface Pro 3 runs amazingly at low latency, even more so while using the built-in sound, but also with my UAC2. I've done many gigs with it running Ableton Live, hosting Addictive Drums 2, Lounge Lizard, Trillian, Kontakt, Dimension, Rapture all running in real time ALL NIGHT at 64 samples buffer size. Just about any computer you're gonna buy today is gonna be substantially faster than that machine. R
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