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  1. What do you mean "but"? We can't write songs about food? Thanks for listening! R
  2. Hello my fellow Cakewalkers! Wanted to post a new song my neighbor and I made, using AI! ChatGpt wrote most of the lyrics, Dall-E made some of the artwork! It's the first single off our upcoming EP called "Panties and Hot Sauce" which features ALL kinds of AI and electronic stuff. This song, our tribute to the delicious Falafel, was created in Ableton Live and mastered in Cakewalk. Normally I would transfer tracks recorded in Ableton to Cakewalk for mixing, but we did this REAL fast, so there was no time. I'm still pretty excited with the end result. Let me know what y'all think! "Bring Back the Falafel" - Shoogie Doogie & CJ Rico
  3. It's actually the opposite: having long hair is a LOT more work than having it short, in addition to the almost unavoidable vanity that comes along with it. Less time devoted to learning about music = worse musician! R
  4. Delay Lama for the win! YEARS ago a friend of mine and I made a video with it:
  5. Ha! I don't have ALL the basses, but most of the typical ones! Audio to Midi has WAY too much latency for me, as cool as it is, to play ACTUAL bass, even though the newest "Midi Guitar" or whatever it's called is decent. Pocket is everything and I can feel any RTL that's more than 5ms immediately...
  6. I'm a pro bass player, and I have to say: IT'S AWESOME! Damn, I've produced tracks here at my house where the quick demo done with Modo sounded so good, and realistic, I never even bothered redoing with a real bass. R
  7. They are NOT great, not good even, just ok. Way too much bass, reasonably comfortable; without some EQ on whatever bus is feeding them , they are pretty much unusable for studio work. R
  8. This mic is AWESOME, unbelievable for the price really. I have tons of mics and have been using this one for almost everything for the last couple of years. I've had sax players with expensive Neumanns commenting on how great the sax sound was on some tracks I've done with this.... R
  9. I was nominated for a Grammy with the Rippingtons for Modern Art! R
  10. I'm using a 50" LG 4K TV and have for a few years now. It's AWESOME, and allows me to work from further away when I want to, or be up close and get a LOT of info at the same time. R
  11. Too little too late. YEARS of punishing paying customers... no thank you. I started on Cubase on the Atari ST but I will never buy a piece of Steinberg software again. R
  12. Just remember, the process of registering with the copyright office has nothing to do with GETTING or OWNING the copyright, it's literally only registering it. I'm not saying you shouldn't do it, but you automatically are the copyright holder when you create it. And please stop spelling it "copywrite", it's the RIGHT to COPY thus COPYRIGHT. This world is confusing enough without these common misspellings! R
  13. It would be nice if there were a simple option in the Piano Roll to only show "selected" midi, it could be just a check box in the view options. That said, I've used Ableton EXTENSIVELY, and it has always felt like a toy when it comes to audio editing and manipulation compared to Sonar/Cakewalk. It has its advantages, being able to just grab the tempo while playing dozens of audio tracks and dozens of midi tracks and just speed up or slow down on the fly is AMAZING, but it's no substitute for CbB, it just isn't. R
  14. Tha'ts the completely opposite experience from mine. Cakewalk is eminently stable here, as long as I don't use third party plugins, some of which are just badly coded. I've done tons of sessions at studios with repeatedly crashing Protools rigs, my buddy's Logic requires a good 5 to 6 reboots every time I spend a few hours there. Ableton is like Cakewalk for me: as long as I stay away from certain 3rd party plugs, it's quite stable and reliable. R
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