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  1. What's new here is that it's no longer a Kontakt Player instrument. I don't see anyway to update my Kontakt Player version, if there is even any updates at all. It is pretty nice though, but a bit old at this point.
  2. I gave up on the complete my bundle thing. Early on their website offered pricing reflecting what you owned, but they stopped that very fast or something (or maybe it was never there and I was just confused). I was missing this and Carbon, so I picked it up. But compared to their V2 instruments with MIDI drag out these guys aren't so useful. They need a V2 upgrade.
  3. I've yet to see anything to confirm if this is an intro deal or just the normal pricing. And I've looked.
  4. While this is less than I paid for Spectralayers Pro 6 by itself, I have to warn you I've been very disappointed in Spectralyers Pro 6. I'd say even with this offer it is overpriced.
  5. It's hard. When I purged almost all those 32bit plugins and most of the freeware I never used I was sure it was the end of the world. Seriously though, I've been playing this plugin collecting game for a very long long long time. I have no children. I drive the same car I bought new in 2001. I work at home. And I love software. Especially large bundles. My obsession with completing things is my undoing. Wave's Mercury (578 plugins), Melda Complete, NI Ultimate, Eventide Anthology etc and the plugin count goes up pretty fast. But ask me what I really use and the answer is a lot smaller.
  6. Turns out Cubase/Stienberg only support dragging audio out using the VST-XML format. So anything that doesn't support that can't be a drag target for audio. And it's by design. I found links to a utility app someone wrote that you could drop into and then drag back from in the right format, but it can't be downloaded anymore (the host they were using is out of business). http://vstxmltranslator.blogspot.com/ As a result the only way EzBass will work in Cubase is if they modify their plugin to accept these VST-XML files as drag sources. I doubt Toontrack would be willing to do that though. Oh well it works in CbB. 🙂
  7. Installed OK for me. Seems to run, but that's not a real test. New plugin report is interesting, I like how it shows all the plugin version numbers (that the plugins are reporting). I guess I have an "Other Plug-in". LOL.
  8. I would never run any audio app as Administrator. Ever. And you shouldn't either. And this is dragging INSIDE Cubase, so no system rights are involved -- from a Cubase track to a Cubase hosted plugin. I can drop audio from Windows Explorer into Cubase just fine. But when you try and drop audio from a track inside Cubase into Windows Explorer you don't get a wav file. Instead you get a text file. Here's an example: I'm not sure if there is some sort of setting in Cubase perhaps that would make it do a more normal file drag and drop? As a result of this, I don't think you can drag audio from a Cubase track into EzBass. EzBass I guess could add a handler for Cubase's crazy text file drop (which looks to be some sort of VST related thing maybe).
  9. I can't drag audio from a track in Cubase into EzBass. I can drag MIDI though. If I drag the audio from a Windows Explorer into Cubase I can drop it. But I can't take a Cubase audio blob and drop that. Both kinds of dragging from a track work in Cakewalk By Bandlab the current early access release. I only have EzBass 1.0.2, nothing newer is shown in the Toontrack manager for me.
  10. No EzBass MIDI add-on for Latin Month. I wonder when we will see the first add-ons for it?
  11. Removed VST2 and Rewire support. And no 32 bit versions either.
  12. Joshua Bell Violin is flat out better. Perhaps the most playable Kontakt instrument ever really.
  13. So the way the template is routed, all the tracks for each group (Woods, Brass, Keys, Perc, Strings) route to a AUX patch point. These patch points feed into the Stem aux tracks which then feed into the Full Mix patch point. The full mix patch point feeds into the Master bus (so you can hear it). The Stem tracks can be armed for recording (and/or saved/exported) so that you can save a version of the stem without any effects. The print tracks are the same as the stem tracks, but with whatever effects you add on the stem tracks. So if you need to provide clean stems, with no effects, you can record the stem tracks. If you need to provide stems with effects, put the effects on the stem tracks and record the print tracks. It's kind of a waterfall, each level can be recorded and/or output but that won't include any effects added on that level. Splitting the stems and the print levels means you have an extra shelf you can add effects to. Just don't add effects or make any volume changes to the print tracks since it won't get passed. One thing this template doesn't have is any reverb track routing. It's not hard to add that but it's not there. Sections also aren't broken down into high/mid/low groups either. Which might be something you'd want (so you could do effects on all the low strings for example and different effects on the high strings). I really wish there was an easier way to select a track and then connect the synth that goes with it. You can go the other way in the Synth Rack, but you can't connect a synth from the track.
  14. I haven't had much time to try it but Thread Scheduling 3 with the stuttering only seems to happen when my ASIO buffer size is large. Anything 256 or above I get the crazy stuttering. But at 128 (and lower) it actually seemed to play just fine. I normally run at 2048 though which really didn't seem to like the #3 setting at all.
  15. MODO Bass lets you remap its keyswitches. I had some luck with swapping a few to match EzBass. But the two instruments have slightly different bass playing models that don't seem to map as exactly as I had hoped. But I think it may be something worth looking into, so you could use any EzBass MIDI output with MODO Bass directly.
  16. Their email offers a 30% discount if you own both Mosaic Keys and Mosaic Voices. But it's not an honest offer. The 30% off is of the full retail for the three parts. Which makes adding Mosaic Brass $83. Which is only an additional 16% off the $99 intro price. Lame.
  17. Aggressive thread scheduling model still doesn't seem viable with this version. When I enable it and playback a project I just finished the output constantly studders. Switching back to model 2 and everything plays perfectly smoothly. This is with a 16 core/32 thread i9-9960X.
  18. I just tried and EzDrummer doesn't forward MIDI either so I guess it's consistent. I only noticed and cared because I have projects that already have MIDI that I wanted to see what EzBass's sound would do for them. So plugging it into that creates a situation I'd like it to pass trough the MIDI. Kontakt lets you choose if incoming notes are passed along, which is maybe why I expected EzBass to do it. For a new project I don't think it's all that big a deal. But I still think it's wrong to not at least support it as an option though.
  19. It doesn't route through the notes in Cubase 10.5 either. With Cubase though I can easily setup a MIDI track going to two instruments. But since Cakewalk doesn't have that kind of MIDI routing, it would be handy if EzBass forwarded on MIDI input to it to the output. That way I can quickly compare and contrast things. Might just be me, but I'd expect EzBass to output anything it's actually playing to the MIDI out but it doesn't seem to be doing that.
  20. Inside Cakewalk I have EzBass and MODO Bass with the MIDI and sound tracks split out. On MODO Bass I have the MIDI track input set to EzBass and echo turned on. I go to the EzBass MIDI track (which is set to fed MIDI to EzBass) and I play keys on my keyboard. EzBass gets those keys and plays those notes but doesn't pass the notes through to MODO Bass. If I record the notes in EzBass's track or drop MIDI into EzBass or even play the EzBass GUI it does pass through. But it doesn't pass through MIDI coming from Cakewalk into EzBass. The MIDI has to be inside EzBass.
  21. I love all the Bass authoring features in EzBass. The UI is very nice and powerful. I really hope they bring all these improvements to EzKeys and EzDrummer. But at least for me I really think I like the sounds in MODO bass more (a lot more). Am I just an idiot? The two basses included with EzBass seem nice and all, but from a audio tone/settings view I was kind of underwhelmed.
  22. They sent me email saying I could "preview" the sale, but they didn't explain the rules or how that worked exactly. When I go there and login I do see libraries at 40% off (bundles too but the savings there aren't so fixed, it varies). I think the sale goes public later this week or something. Not exactly sure. Spitfire have become more marketing machine than audio library developer; twisted and evil. Also I really hate how they price everything in different currencies so I end up paying more in dollars than I would if I could pay in GBP without the 20% Vat.
  23. PrecX is pretty nice though, if you need epic drums. I wish they would do something about MIDI drag and drop and perhaps rethink their approach for that. But other than that it's one of the few drum instruments I picked up last year that I thought was worth it.
  24. Yes if you enable it. But it only sends MIDI from it's track/Groove browser/interface. It doesn't seem to pass through MIDI. So if I turn it's sound off and record on it's Cakewalk MIDI input track I don't get any MIDI out, If I play the track back I still get no MIDI out. But if I put the recorded MIDI onto EzBass's track it does send it out. I'm not sure that's a big deal really, but I did notice it when trying to play around with turning it's volume to 0 and replacing it with MODO bass.
  25. Spitfire is also having a sale, if you have an account you can see a early preview (not sure what the rules on the preview are exactly but this URL works for me) https://www.spitfireaudio.com/spring-sale It's 40% off libraries (though not the ultra cheap $29 ones).
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