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  1. edit: Thanks! I didn't know I should use a vertical line between the channels (Forget about my original reply and the pics.)
  2. This is a harmless but annoying "bug". When a clip group's clips' position or data is LOCKED I must specifically choose (select) all the clips if I want to do something with the clip group. When clips' position or data is NOT LOCKED all I need to do is to click only the first clip (top track) and rest of the group are automatically selected as well - which is cool. Can you please, fix this.
  3. I wish you would shorten the "Channel" text on narrowed strips (view) to "ChX" - X being the number of the channel of your interface. Eg. Ch1, Ch2 etc. In the pic, my 15 drum recording channels. I know they are channels but I'm interested in quickly verifying the channel number of each strip without having to change the view to a wider one. Thanks.
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