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  1. Well, Nothing left to do but throw the computer at the wall. ha! I would uninstall Sonar/Cakewalk and related then reinstall. if you use CCC with last Sonar ver., start there. See if everything works then Install BandLap. Don't change any properties or directory's and see what works. :)
  2. Hey, Don't mind me, I'm just thinking out loud. ha! I really can't follow what you are talking about, it may be simpler to to start fresh. Load a new project. insert an instrument, select a patch or sound then use the virtual controller to test the instrument. make sure you have the track selected. if you get that to work then next thing. set it up with you controller. you don't really need an added Midi track just use the instrument track. just keep adding you're soft synths on each track. If you're using a external controller make sure it's selected (midi devices). I know you get most of this anyway but sometimes starting from scratch is the best way to roll.
  3. Hey Wookiee, Nice hearing from you! To be honest I have no clue about Lenses and for the most part and I don't get Multidock. I really only use what I use and as far as the views, I only use Track and Console view. Last I remember, if you started to use Lenses you could not go back to the Multidock, I really just want to create. There doesn't seem to be much interest in my problem so it must not be an issue for others. no biggy. ha! Have a good one!
  4. I have custom to switch from track view to console view as my primary work flow. As I was working the console view stopped opening. After messing with it I realized that it would switch to the view but I had to manually expand the console every time I went from Track to Console view. After this happened a few times I uninstalled BandLabCW and the problem stayed in the project opening in Splat. Specs: Win 10 pro Splat project into BandLab Cakewalk.
  5. Hey, I use USB hubs all the time. I plug everything in, Audio interface, hard-drives, synth, controllers, computer controlled FX. it's all good! You might have to set elements in windows 10 but 8.1 works with no extra windows setup.
  6. Well I had it happen to me ones. But that was with old sonar so who know, I just threw it out there.
  7. Related question, Is the BandLab version Theme Editor available for download?
  8. Hello, Can you give more info on your computer specs and operating system?
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