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  1. Hello all I see this thread has been going for a bit. I'm in the process of getting a new midi keyboard. I was looking at the M-Audio oxygen series keyboards. It looks like it has been a journey for most of you to get this thing working. I'm pretty new to music recording and have a basic concept of how this stuff goes together. I'm excited to be able to record music and put it together to make a song. So far for my journey I feel like I have spent more time watching videos and reading threads then actually making music. I want a keyboard so I can play some cords and do some drum stuff. I have a M-Audio axiom 25 controller now and have no idea how to get it to work with cakewalk. other than the keys I can't get the pads to work. Anyway, I was thinking maybe i should get a new controller and that will be easier. but it looks like it's just as much of a headache. So, to the point of this. Is it worth it to get this controller or should i be looking for another one? I really like the look of it, and it has all those pads. and weighted keys. I don't know if this resonates with you or not but i want to make music. Not spend my very little spare time being a programmer. Once you have it set up is it all you thought it would be? are you making the music you hear in your head? Any suggestions would be great.
  2. WOOT!!! The other forum post had the problem too and I found the fix there. it was that settings thing that needed to be changed. If you could see me I'm doing the happy dance🤩. Thanks Guys for helping me out with this issue. I really appreciate you taking the time to write some stuff back and help me figure it out.
  3. So i have discovered that my transport only moves that far any time I hit the play button. I was recording some guitar tracks and the transport never really moved down the track showing me that I'm recording any guitar. When I stop the recording it does play back what i played but the transport does not move along with it. I was wondering why it did not move with my music. I bet whatever is causing it to only move a little and stop would fix the whole thing.
  4. (John Vere ) The transport line does not go to measure three. That is my dilemma. It only goes a quarter notes worth of distance. I understand if I want the track to play for my whole song I would have to copy more in. It does not even play one who clip. Equipment I have Asus laptop for gaming it seems to handle the work fine. Digidesign Mbox 2 mini for my recording and monitor stuff Axiom 25 gen 2 midi keyboard (57gregy) You are correct that it stops in my now line. It does not matter where i start the transport line on the clip. it only plays a high hat and a drum and that is it. I tried to make a midi line and not sure if i did it right but it is not a instrument track and it still does the same thing.
  5. so here is a screen shot. I don't know if this helps. The line that shows vertical line that moves when you play the track stopped before the end of the track. It only played a few beats and then it stopped. Not sure how to get it to play the whole track. it sounds good with the guitar i had laid down. I got so frustrated that I just closed the whole thing and figured I would see if I could get some help. Let me know your thoughts.
  6. So im new to cakewalk. Seems like a good program. I was watching a youtube video tutorial about basics. They made a new track using the si drum plugin. They found a drum clip they like and just pulled it over to the track and it worked great for them. I pull it into the track and when I push play to hear how it sounds with my guitar recording it only plays like two drums then stops. I see the whole clip there but it only plays two or three drums. how can i just get it to play all the way through. Sorry if im not using the right terms and jargon for this. any help would be great.
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