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  1. Small explanation about the requested features: (Sorry if i need to quote X or Y daw, but is for a better understanding the way of how things should work) First of all, NO, there arent avaliable on Cakewalk ATM. * Automation curves: The way actually work on CbB its like a curve presets (Slow curve, fast curve). I mean something like FL Studio automations work (with a control on the middle of a nodes to set up how fast or how slow the curve * In Piano Roll, If you "alt+click" when you draw a note, you will be able to draw instantly a note with the last touched note lenght. Setting up this behavior to single right click may speed up piano roll workflow. * Creating a "MIDI Clip", makes you able to keep the lenght of the clip fixed regardless of the position of the last note (when midi files used, sometimes the "clip" ends when the last note ends, its fixable but its annoying to do it every time. * MIDI controllers like automation (check the automation curves) speed up workflow when you work with MIDI CC or Expressions (EG Cubase 11 , transform tool feels to slow and obsolete. * Actually there is not GUI button or option to "disable autoscrolling" as default in cakewalk by bandlab, you need to hit the Scroll Lock keyboart every time you turn on the PC to disable * I dunno how, but i saw a streamer setting up CbB events to look like this, i think this is a better view than the black bg with the color waveform
  2. Months ago i give CbB a chance and im really surprised hoy powerful program is. So here it is a little list of features that speeds up a better workflow IMO (based on my experience with other daws) * Automation curves (not like the "presets", something like other daws have *a point to edit how fast the curve is*) * In piano roll, invert betweet the mouse left click - alt+left click note drawing * Create a MIDI clip without accessing the piano roll, or at least hiding the piano roll grid outside the clip outlines * MIDI controllers like automation (way better and faster than transform tool) * Resample timestretch mode * Scrolling disable as default with a GUI button or option to enable it (to prevent hit scroll lock every time i open CbB) * Link Clip background color to track color CbB is a great piece of software, adding something like this will be a great refresh to it 😃👍
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