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  1. I'll try looking into that. Do you use this plug-in suite?
  2. I recently installed Effects Rack 5 by Sound Toys and it is unusable due to an extraordinary amount of crackling. I have increased the playback buffer multiple times with no success. I seem to be able to use individual effects fine, and I can even stack them without issues, but assiging the full Effects Rack to a track is causing a mess of noise. I have checked all of my peak meters and everything is under the red. Muting the track that it is assigned to does nothing to alleviate the issue as the crackling continues to be audible. It seems to be more pronounced when a long delay or saturation is in the effects chain. I contacted SoundToys and they had me uninstall the most recent version of Effects Rack 5 and replace it with an older version. After uninstalling and making sure every folder is clear of remnants I continuously get a message that a later version is already installed, despite not a single instance of anything related being on my computer. I'm using the most up-to-date version of Cakewalk and Windows 10. Everything is set for 64 bit operation. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. There's an issue with the installation apparently, that's why I can't find it. It's supposed to work as a VST and can be loaded into the master track effects bin.
  4. Scook, did you ask because Scarlett doesn't always work well with Ryzen?
  5. If anybody is using the Free G peak meter can you please tell me how to load it into my project? I want to use it for gain staging in my mix. Thanks.
  6. I've narrowed down my search to either of these: https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/5448005/HP-Pavilion-TP01-2066-Desktop-PC/ https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/7517433/Lenovo-IdeaCentre-5-14IMB05-Desktop-PC/ I only plan on producing my own music for now but I do want flexibility with the amount of tracks, VSTs, and plug-ins that I use. My current computer is 12 years old with an Intel i5 and 6GB. It still performs decently but I'm having to increase my buffer size substantially to prevent audio dropouts during playback and still get a lot of pops regardless. Thanks.
  7. I tried setting my instrument tracks to mono but my toms were barely audible. They are panned hard left and hard right within EZDrummer by default, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. I deleted the mono tracks and reinstalled them as stereo and now my toms have the appropriate volume but neither my hi-hat or reverb channel are registering in the decibel meter. I can hear the hi-hat fine, and I think the reverb is audible, but there isn't a visual representation of the sound.
  8. Thanks abacab. I'll have to watch that a couple of times but it looks like there are concepts I can apply to EZDrummer. Thanks Terry. I was always under the impression that all MIDI has to be converted to audio before mixing.
  9. Thanks, freezing was the answer for me. However, I'm still uncertain of how I'm supposed to route the effects. The reverb and compression are routed to their own tracks but is this really needed? There is a faint audible sound coming from these two tracks so I'm unclear of the purpose.
  10. I have recorded a project and created my drum track within EZDrummer 2. Now I want to route each individual drum piece to their own separate audio tracks but I don't think I'm doing it right. I have created individual audio tracks for each piece and set the EZDrummer mixer channels to route to their respective track, but I'm getting a bad, lo-fi sound after recording the EZDrummer MIDI to audio (I'm literally arming each track to record and then hitting record to transpose the sound to audio). It also sounds out-of-phase. Additionally, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be somehow including the EZDrummer effects (reverb, compression) with the audio recording of the drums or if I should leave that out and introduce these items during the mixing phase. I appreciate any feedback. I also apologize if these things have been addressed already, but I was unable to find answers in the archives. Thanks.
  11. I can try that but I've never had an issue with EZD before.
  12. My track is armed, input and output is routed correctly, but when I either click on the 'Record' icon at the top it will turn red for half a second and then back to gray. The song will begin to play but my performance will not record. Everything was working fine apparently until I loaded EZ Drummer onto an instrument track. This has never been an issue before, however. Anybody know what's going on?
  13. I recently installed EZ Drummer 2 on my computer and I have no issues using it in standalone mode, but if I create an instrument track in Cakewalk there isn't an option to open EZD2. I still have the old options to open SI Drums, Addictive Drums, etc. I apologize if this has been asked before or if I missed it in the reading material, but can somebody please explain how to integrate the software? Thanks.
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