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  1. Okay now I have the VST2 installed and I replaced the VST3 in the track and still Pigments opens in the track and opens up, when I click a key nothing happens, no sound, the key moves, but nothing happens.
  2. Thanks, I updated the setting in preferences, and it is still not showing so it must not be installed. Where do I get the VST2 version? I installed Pigments via the Arturia Software center and it didn't give me any extra options to download a different version.
  3. I just noticed something else, when Pigments is opened in Cakewalk and I press on the keys (either with the controller OR the mouse) there is no activity on Pigments, like how normally you would see the various animations that take place when you press a key... when opened in Cakewalk there is no movement of any kind, I click the key and no sound, as well as no animation or movement within any of the pigments parameters.
  4. Yes, when I replace the synth on the Pigments track they all work and produce sound, Pigments is the only one that is not producing sound. I am not sure how to access the VST2 version of Pigments, it only shows me the option of Pigments VST3 when choosing the instrument for the track.
  5. I don't have any other VTS3 instruments to try, but all of my VST2 instruments, and all of my effects plugins are all working without issue.
  6. Thank you for your comment. I tried it with input echo both enabled and disabled, neither produced sound. The only way I can get Pigments to make sound is when using it as a stand alone software.
  7. Hey everyone, hope somebody can help me out here. Got a new PC recently and installed the latest version of Cakewalk, also installed the latest version of Pigments via the Arturia Software Center. When I open Pigments by itself (outside of Cakewalk) it plays fine and I can hear it through my speakers and my headphones. The issue is when I open it in Cakewalk. So I add Pigments as an instrument track, set the output as my headphones, also tried just the regular speakers, and no matter what I do I can't get any sound to come out of it.... on Windows 11 if that makes any difference. Feeling frustrated, never had an issue with it in the past when it was on my previous rig it installed and played perfectly from day one. So Cakewalk is finding it just fine, there's no issue there, just can't get the sound to work regardless of what output setting I use. Thank you for your time & consideration.
  8. Never mind, I was able to find the answer. But I will leave this thread up for anyone that runs into the same issue. I found the solution here; https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/Audio-Hardware-Setup-Guide?productId=CSHS100&audioDeviceId=135#:~:text=To configure your Cakewalk software%2C please do the,your speakers or headphones connected to its outputs
  9. Greetings, I am currently traveling so my situation is different than what I am used to. Normally I record via my mixer, out through to my audio interface, then record inside Cakewalk, no issues. Now that I am on the road I couldn't take my very large audio interface along and I still need to do some editing in Cakewalk, but when I open Cakewalk to start doing edits there is no sound whatsoever. I have triple checked everything and can't figure out what to do. When I go to the preferences and check the audio devices, nothing shows up in either the input or output list, and I can't find out how to select it anywhere else. Right on the track where I usually select it to Output 1/2 of my audio interface, now when I click that same spot the only choices are master, metronome or preview. Please tell me how to update my Cakewalk settings so that I can simply hear my music through my PC audio (via my headphones) so I can edit. Thank you for any insight you're able to provide!
  10. Hey everyone, so I'm just transitioning from a dawless setup so please bare with my ignorance. My audio is dropping out during recording, the audio will record fine for the first 10-15 minutes or so, then it drops out and I'm left with this high pitched noise and nothing else, even though I can still hear the clean audio coming through my headphones that are connect to my audio interface. Here are the details; I'm using the latest version of Cakewalk (though I'm having this same issue in Ableton) My audio interface is a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 The audio is coming from my eurorack modular system which is connected to my Yamaha Mixer MG10XU, the mixer output is fed into channels 1 & 2 on the Focusrite. I have the latest Focusrite control installed, and my settings in Cakewalk (and Ableton) are set as Focusrite USB ASIO Input as I read it was best to use ASIO as opposed to the other options. Sampling rate is set at 44100 Buffer size 256 samples ASIO Reported Latencies: (including buffer and hardware) Input: 12.4 msec. 546 samples Output: 12.4 msec. 546 samples Total Roundtrip 24.8 msec. 1092 samples I can't imagine it is my PC because it has 64gb ram, 8gb video card, intel Core i9 processor etc etc. I have tried everything I can think of or find to fix the issue and I just can't seem to resolve it. I make ambient soundscapes mostly and mostly those are quite long recordings, I absolutely need to be able to do full recordings and with the audio dropping out after 10-15 minutes it puts me in a bad situation. Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Being that it is happening in both Cakewalk and Ableton I'm guessing it is likely an issue with either the audio interface, or with the settings somewhere, but really have no idea. I just don't understand why the sound is coming through the headphones attached to the audio interface crystal clear even after the sound drops out in the recording. Anyway, thank you for your time & consideration.
  11. Onegin

    Arturia Pigments

    Greetings, I'm embarrassed to report that I can't figure out how to utilize Pigments along with Cakewalk. I was told this was possible, perhaps I was misled? If it is indeed possible, please let me know how I get the two synced together. Either way, thank you for your time & consideration.
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