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  1. Hi, I updated Calkwalk and found that CPU load extremely increase when I use Style dial FX - MAX dial. Using othter style dial doesn't cause same problem. Kindly let me know if additional information required to fix.
  2. When I use side chain to compress bass track referring kick drum track, is there a way to output bass track alone with being compressed? I referred Japanese online help and it's saying that we need to output both tracks when we want to activate side chain function. If it's true, it's going to be trouble when we want to output each track alone just like stem data to share music data with others. Is there any solution? Regards,
  3. This post seems to be not for feedback loop topic, so please ignore this. Instead I sent email to support.
  4. Hi, Thank you for your reply, I didn't know there are such an old and common issue on Cakewalk I activate all MIDI Device when I launch calkwalk and USB port are not changed for long time. I checked midi device list, and try pushing order button to change orders but nothing changed on screen. In my case, this is occurred to midi Input not output device, addition to it, this also occurred when I save Project file, unload it, and immediately load it again. Off course all MIDI Devices I use have been connected from beginning to the end and using USB Port are unchanged. In my environment, when Sonar days, this problem and MIDI Output device problem didn't occur. Recently, newly this MIDI Input device problem occurred. I always activate all MIDI Device when I launch Calkwalk so fortunately I had been able to avoid device swap. Well, I hope this is newly occurred issue because I suppose I meet all requirements /solutions you gave me... As additional info, I attached screen shot when the problem occurred. 2 MIDI Input devices are selected. Might be a new problem.
  5. Hi, I use Roland's A-500Pro as MIDI keyboard/controller I set MIDI input device to A-500 pro, save project then load it again, I found MIDI input devices were changed to invalid or unavailable device. At first, I doubted that this is because my project template is broken, so I created Completely new project and set MIDI Input device, saved it then loaded it and found same problem occurred again. MIDI Input preset seemed to be a good way to avoid this, but after loading project, MIDI input device names were set to the preset but it didn't work, names were correct but internally seemed to be set to invalid device. Not sure this is bug or issue caused by my environment, I report issue just in case.
  6. Hi, On piano role screen, when you click a note, pop-up info appears. This pop-op will be displayed until you release mouse click Then, when you double click a note, property dialog appears but the pop-up is also displayed over the dialog. Depending on the location of note in a screen, pop-up info cover the dialog and can not change values of property under the pop-up. in this case, pop-up will disappears in 5 or 10 second. This is really tiny, minor problem but it's frustrating. I hope this will be fixed in the future. I often double click a note to change property, so this is annoying honestly.
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