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  1. I get that if I start CbB before turning on my audio interface. Then I have to go in and re-set the audio drivers in preferences. I just try to remember to turn the interface on first, so that CbB sees it on startup. Hope that helps.
  2. UPDATE... He figured it out. His computer's screen resolution was set such that the audio preferences window was too large. The apply and ok buttons were both out of view. He ported his video to a larger screen using an hdmi cable and presto, there were the buttons. Now he can select the proper driver and all is well. He was switching the driver mode to ASIO before, but it would not stick as he was not selecting apply or ok. Just thought I'd let you all know.
  3. Forwarded that link. Thanks.
  4. Downloading the driver from the behringer support page for the device gets you the ASIO4all installer in your downloaded files folder. Maybe there is another driver? Is there a wasapi driver for the UMC? I didn't think to have him look for that option. Thanks
  5. I will suggest he look for that. I don't think he's ever installed another interface, but it is worth checking for sure. Now that you mention it, I seem to remember that there was another version of asio4all he mentioned. Thanks!
  6. Yup, did that. However, even though the ASIO type was selected, just as you show, the option was not there in either audio/devices about that menu. Really odd.
  7. Hi all, I have a friend that is trying to use an interface (behringer UMC-22) on his laptop. He is running a newish HP laptop with win 8.1 that is up to date. He has downloaded and installed the ASIO4all driver. This is the driver that you down load from the behringer support page. It appears to install and and finish after going through the install wizard. However, once in CbB there is no option to select the asio4all driver in preferences. The output of the mains from within CbB is the hp onboard speakers. There is no option to set it to the UMC 22 or ASIO4all. We tried going to control panel/hardware and sound/audio and setting the default audio setup to the UMC/ASIO4all. That seemed to work as far as the computer was concerned. However, when in CbB the option to select that is still not showing up. Is there some known issue with installing ASIO4all? Maybe there are better drivers for the UMC-22? Thanks!
  8. You said you had replaced 2 of the 3 preamp tubes. Did you do the power tubes as well? Those tubes are right next to the speakers and take a beating at high volume. Fender, unfortunately, took some cost cutting measures on those amps. If you are getting it serviced, make sure to have the big power resistors on the +/- 15 volt supply for channel switching checked out and re-soldered as necessary. They used solder as the means of mechanically securing two big power resistors. I've seen those solder joint crack, and when they do they get hot and can also arc, causing HUGE heat loads that can burn the board. If you are in there, you might as well swap out the electrolytic filter caps as well. Good ones (sprague atoms) will last 20+ years. I've seen the caps in the hot rods/deville fail after only a few years. Also, if you are in there, replace the plastic input jacks. Not only do the pin's solder joint to the board fail due to high stresses on insertion, the input bezel is supported by a little metal ring. These pop off and then the jack breaks. The solder joints on the power tube board should be re-flowed. These are under stress as well. I hope that helps.
  9. I will try turning off auto start. Killing it in task manager was my only option. The UI came up as just a white, vertically oriented rectangle, with no graphics or link, or anything other than white. This is after I had established an internet connection. There was not even an option to close the UI as there was no X in the upper right of the UI. Opening task manager showed the application running. Killing that (assuming that was just the UI) did make the window go away. However when re-starting BA the white box is all I got. In task manager I saw three instances of BA running under processes. Killing the application, and all three processes is what finally allowed the proper UI to load. I only ever run BA when connected to the net. I agree, there is no reason to run BA is there is no internet connection.
  10. Update. Jbridge seems to have solved the issue. I was using the latest version of Crunchessor as well. Re-scanning and re-inserting the VST seems to have solved that aspect. I will replace the 32 bit plugs as I go along. I keep my machine off the net, unless I am downloading updates. I guess I'll have to kill bandlab assistant in task manager each time before I go to update, so I can start it with an internet connection. Thanks all!
  11. Yeah, my newer project typically only use the vst3 or 64 bit plugs. However, when I open an older project to show somebody, or work on it, it would be nice if I didn't have to go safe mode and delete the errant plug. At least I'm not using dx plugs.
  12. Thanks, do I need to run it first outside of the DAW to make it the default wrapper? Or do I have to click the "use jbridge" option in the plug in manager for each vst that needs it. I know that is probably a basic question, but this is the first Ive heard of jbridge... Thanks!
  13. So windows update did not help. Though now when it crashed it told me that it was one of my VSTs. Crunchesser from Voxengo. I opened the project in safe mode and deleted it and it works. In the meantime, I found a thread about jbridge. Is it worth installing that instead of using the native wrapper? I occasionally get "Teleport server has stopped working" when I exit either SPLAT or CbB. I was told that was the native vst wrapper barfing. I still have some legacy 32 bit plugs and I am now on a 64 bit OS.
  14. I just checked windows update and there are 4 updates loading now. We'll see if that helps. It was last updated 5/2/19.
  15. So I've been an avid cakewalk SONAR used since Sonar 4. One of the things I have always told people that I love about SONAR is how it hardly EVER crashes. Well, last night during our weekly recording session it crashed 4 times when attempting to open a project. It then came up with a fatal error and asked if I would like cakewalk to attempt to save the data. I said no because I don't want to risk corrupting anything. It crashed again. No biggie, I thought. I'll open it in SPLAT. That now crashed too. I think I have had maybe 2 crashes of SPLAT in the 2 years I have been using it. This happened on 3 different projects. This is frustrating. Any ideas? I have a music only computer (made by studio cat... has been running perfectly for about 4 years) running an i7 processor, windows 8.1, updated as of a couple months ago. It is only connected to the net long enough to do either windows updates or daw/ vst updates. Running the latest version of cakewalk 5/2019. Also, when I tried launching the bandlab assistant to do the latest update, I would just get a white rectangle and nothing more. I opened task manager and found 4 instances of the assistant running. After ending those, I was able to open the assistant again, but had to re log in. Thanks
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