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  1. I'm quite surprised by that: I would have expected it to tell you that for that price, you could get over 100 plugins worth over $30,000 for around 0 months by subscribing to their Mega Plugin pack... either that, or that there was a minimum spend of $30 to use that code.
  2. Anyone know if this is any good? I've already got Audiority's TS-1, Boz's Transgressor, and the one that comes with Komplete: I know it's free but I don't want to add another plugin to my list if I'm unlikely to use it.
  3. The sounds reminds me of listening to MIDI files with my old SoundBlaster back in the day ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. I emailed them to ask about upgrading from Portal. Apparently upgrades are independent from the sale price - you can either buy the bundle at sale price, or you can buy an upgrade at non-sale price. A little sucky, but still cheaper than the non-sale bundle price.
  5. Seems interesting - I watched a shorter video on it to get an overall feel and was hoping someone would be able to fill in the gaps on something for me. The video I watched mentioned that it can suggest certain chord progressions in a particular style: in demo, the guy clicked on one of the options and a chord progression appeared in the top section of the plugin. Are those more like presets (i.e. you get the same progression each time), or is it something more like 'give me some chords in the style of' and it generates them according to some algorithm?
  6. It's not on sale right now, but how about Gross Beat? https://www.image-line.com/plugins/Effects/Gross+Beat/ PS. Are you able to get a refund on Glitch bitch? If you don't have a dongle, you can't have 'used' the license.
  7. And therein lies the problem with items that consistently move on and off my wishlist ๐Ÿ™‚ To be honest, I did like the sound of analogue strings/brass; Signal did look inspirational. November's not over - time will tell...
  8. The Output bundle's been flirting with a place on my wishlist for a long time now. I finally talked myself out of it last month and settled with Portal alone (using a T+S discount code), not realising Output would be having a sale this month ๐Ÿ™ So with the sale going, the GAS is kicking in again and for some reason I'm contemplating the bundle all over again. Their stuff does look really cool, but I do wonder if I'd end up actually using it in my music; this pretty much sums up what I'm worried I'll be feeling like: Thanks Reid: I think you've helped me save some cash for some other BF deals!
  9. Last I heard, their synth Union didn't support MIDI velocity. It was also quite CPU hungry, which it has been pointed out, is quite common for wavetable synths. These factors may or may not have changed with the latest updates, and may or may not affect your decision to buy.
  10. antler

    Synthmaster BF Sale

    Completely agree: knowing their $4 sale ended yesterday, I went ahead and upgraded my player to the full versions and added four expansions. Had I known they would sale the everything bundle I probably would have made an impulse buy and bought the bundle. Oh well, not too crushed I have only four expansions: I ended up paying less, and so I have a little more to put towards other BF deals.
  11. They had one a little while back (along with their other titles), but it's ended now
  12. Unless I'm mistaken (which I could well be), they're modelled rather than sampled
  13. antler

    cubase 10.5 released

    One of my 'favourite' Mac sales lines is (paraphrased): Mac's don't get PC viruses
  14. antler

    WA Production MIDIQ

    Maybe it's because I'm ok with music theory, but I don't see why square would be easier to handle than e.g. C: a chord sequence of square, hexagon, hexagon, triangle, pentagon, square doesn't seem that friendly to me.
  15. I don't understand: when I logged in, my 'upgrade' price was 299 euros - exactly the same as a new customer for the BF sale (and I have V Collection 6) ๐Ÿ˜•
  16. antler

    ilok manager updated

    I can't say for sure - my guess would be that it's a motherboard driver that's responsible for using thermal sensors/sending signals to onboard cooling fans (i.e. a very low-level driver); ilok is a very low-level security related driver that wants access to everything, and the two both overlap in some way?
  17. antler

    Sonixema Brute Flute

    plankjock doesn't really sound like a domain that would be good to visit... for anything...
  18. Hmm... I feel a Coldplay inspired song coming... Look at the LEDs Look how they shine for you And everything you do Yeah they were all yellow
  19. Dunno; probably not. But... I can't imagine it would take that long to just switch everything off at night, given it's causing you this much distress
  20. antler


    Reminds me of the old messages that used to say something like Keyboard error! Press F1 to continue Don't know if this is what you already mean by delaying updates but with 1903 you can pause updates for up to 35 days in the advanced options for updates.
  21. Are any of the expansions included in either SynthMaster One or 2.9? Just wondering if I upgrade from Player, are there any expansions that I should avoid buying to avoid having duplicate content/wasted purchases?
  22. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainment/music/kanye-west-to-run-for-president-in-2024/ar-BBWsytM
  23. I thought most devices came with an adapter so you can use USB C in USB-B ports? Or maybe it was just one of the Focusrite ones I was looking at a while ago?
  24. If vouchers being swapped is the thing that's offensive, the proper reaction would be to lock it to individual user accounts. Introducing a minimum spend doesn't actually make sense: people could still swap them and get a discount if, e.g. they buy something with the voucher at the beginning of the month, and then see something else they want to buy at the end of the month. In other words: it ok if you break our rules, if you pay for the 'privilege' It's funny: I've previously gotten some free plugins from them using their vouchers - they would have acted as a reminder that PA do some other plugins I might want to buy one day, but if I must spend something to get a discount, I'm less inclined to do so (I was already less inclined when they upped their prices with the intro of subscriptions). Other sites, e.g. Time+Space, let you use their loyalty points to get free plugins if you have enough of them.
  25. antler

    8Dio Black November

    From their website: Our biggest sale ever. Black November. Every product. Unique Discount https://8dio.com/ No idea if there will be special bundles, like what they did during October for Halloween.
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