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  1. 10 minutes ago, Zo said:

    I went yesturday to check models and prices .... WTF ? are those prices ? 700 euros to upgrade to next SSD ? starting prices of mac pro : 6500 Euros  ? lol 

    Really i "can " understand professional that makes a SERIOUS living from that jumping on this , but man .... things are ridiculous and i will even say "insulting" in a way 


    No... it's just the Apple way, e.g. a stand for $949(?!?!).




    P.S. I'm sure it's reasonable in some way, and that I just don't understand why because I'm not an Apple-person

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  2. 1 hour ago, cclarry said:

    That's why it's always best to wait until the last day of these sales (usually) as they
    always throw a "Curve Ball" late in the game!

    Unless they reset vouchers, which they sometimes unexpectedly do (though they seem to make a note of saying so now)

  3. The Lindell Audio 902 De-Esser was announced a little while ago and is due to become purchasable very soon - not sure if there'll be an intro price that you'll want to use the voucher with though.

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  4. 56 minutes ago, Zo said:

    Of course it's more the interfacing Larry .... 

    I think someone mentioned it previously, but Battery's good for electronic drums - quite a few options for layering in there. That said, there are options for layering in Superior too.

  5. 5 hours ago, kitekrazy said:

    There's a reason why franchise games like GTA, Assassins Creed, and CoD are popular is because you don't need a boutique system.  I've pretty much stayed away from most modern games because of disk space and GPU requirements.  Game developers would never make it in the DAW world.  They would create an EQ that requires a 4ghz CPU and 12gb of disk space. 

    Sounds like Acustica 😜

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  6. 1 hour ago, Sent4th said:

    Well I got a big surprise!!😡 I went to purchase the Cubase Pro crossgrade for $321.99, picked out the free gift, entered the promo code "HNY2022"

    and my finale total came to $274.50  [GREAT], but when I went to checkout with Paypal, the total, excl. VAT, is $302.99. What happened?😟

    Sent support an email to explain. Disappointed, I did not confirm payment until I hear from support.

    Could it be sales tax?

  7. I've recently been looking at Arturia's KeyStep 37 and saw that it supports aftertouch. Does anyone know if it's per-channel aftertouch, or per-key? I've been looking at several reviews to try to find this info, but they all just mention that it has aftertouch.

  8. 22 minutes ago, PavlovsCat said:

    Even Orchestra Tools user interface design is incredibly poor -- as is their website design.

    When I was trying to find out more about their libraries recently, the thing that stood out as being quite annoying was the lack of middle-clickability (for those that don't know, middle/wheel clicking a link usually opens it in a new tab). I was also quite surprised to read that despite releasing their brand new Metropolis Ark Sine bundle, there were bugs in there that were (according to a forum post) around two years old [playing three notes in a choir resulted in different syllables on each note].

  9. 46 minutes ago, bitflipper said:

    Check out this Synthesizer V demo. Impressive.


    That sounds incredible. What's strange though is that this demo sounds quite natural - if you click on Eleanor Forte on their website, the demo clip that plays sounds quite rigid/auto-tuned.

  10. 2 hours ago, abacab said:

    I found this at Spitfire Audio:

    Why do my libraries appear as installed on my second computer?

    "If you log into the Spitfire Audio app on your second computer you will see your libraries already appear as installed, this is because the app does not detect that you are logged in on a different computer to the one you previously used to install your libraries."

    I'm reading that to mean it infers what you have installed based on your actions, rather than just checking the install path? I would have thought it'd be easier to do the latter, but I'm sure there's a good reason they did it this way...

  11. 51 minutes ago, User 905133 said:

    I could be wrong, but I thought when Windows 10 came out it was intentionally software as a service.

    I remember hearing that line too, but I don't think it was ever meant to be a charge-recurring subscription service: the idea was that W10 was to be the last 'version' of Windows, and that subsequent updates would come out every annual quarter.

  12. The organ goes really well with the guitars. I'm pretty sure that if I started practising guitar every day from now, that I still wouldn't be able to play as well by the time I'm 68 - great playing and mix as usual!

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