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  1. Thanks a bunch! Been struggling with this for months and only used live recording. This will make it so much more easy!
  2. When I use the automation in a VST while recording live like the dynamics or something using my mod wheel on my keyboard it can be a bit hard to make it perfect. Is there a way to do this manually like I do with volume by setting out dots and drag ect? Its a bit hard to explain but added a picture when I use the automation for dynamics when recording live and I just want to do this manually if its possible.
  3. Sorry for the late answer. Thanks for the additional tips. Will keep em in mind.
  4. Thank you so much! My problem was that I searched for combine and merge ^^.
  5. I have been searching all over for this simple question but cant seem to find an answer, probably cause its to basic. Anyways if I split something I recorded and then want to combine the two parts again, how do I do this?
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