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  1. Hi Nigel, I told you this is a hit 😉 Rik
  2. Hi Kjetil, I can only hear a few seconds, can't go to spotify, I would take another listen to your bends on guitar, they're not in tune but maybe you want it this way 😉 Rik
  3. Hi Mark, excellent song and vox, really like the acoustic guitar tone and playing, what guitar did you use ? Guitar solo should be longer ! 😉 I would insert a little pause after you sing "for me" and then pick up the tempo, anyway very well done. Rik
  4. Rikkie


    Hi Wookiee, nice one, I've been sick for some time now and this has really perked me up, thanks. Sounds very uplifting to me, I like the noodling lead 😉 Rik
  5. Hi Freddy, nice one, enjoyed it. Classic Freddy. Rik
  6. Hi Freddy, thanks forlistening, glad you like it. It's nice to experiment with TH3. Rik
  7. Hi hsmusic, thanks for listening ! Rik
  8. Hi Mark, thanks, third time lucky 😉 Glad you like it. Rik
  9. Hi Wookiee, thanks for listening, glad your furry ears like it 😉 Rik
  10. Hi Hsmusic, tried to tame the wahwah guitars a bit with sonitus multiband, there is a delay on the lead guitar ,turned the mix a bit down and a bit less reverb Rik
  11. Hi hsmusic, thanks, I'll take your word for it, my ears are abit distorted 😄 Rik
  12. Rikkie


    Hi hsmusic, nice one , sounds good to me. Entertaining composition, enjoyed it. Rik
  13. Hi Nigel, thanks, didn't know you liked guitar solo's 😉 Put up alternative version btw. Rik
  14. Hi Larry, thanks, you're absolutely right about the muddy rhythm guitar, played it with my thumb and on the neck pickup. Rik
  15. Rikkie

    Perfect World

    Hi Nigel, nice one, sounds all good, If I keep nagging will you add a couple of guitar solo's ? 😉 Rik
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