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  1. I am editing drum tracks for a project. I do not record them in Cakewalk, they are delivered to me via WAV files in folders, i.e. Take 1 has 12 tracks in it, Take 2 has 12 tracks in it and Take 3 has 12 tracks in it. I dropped all three Takes into Bandlab. I know how to do that. Easy. Then, I grouped each individual take via the Selection Group Function. Now, once all three Takes have been individually grouped, how do I comp them versus one another to create one singular drum take? There does not seem to be a way to drop them into Take Lanes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi there - I am using multiple Vocoder products (Harmony Engine, Tal Vocoder, OVox, etc.). I am trying to Freeze the tracks to conserve resources, however the FX aren't taking. Is there a different process for Freezing tracks that are controlled by MIDI? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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