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  1. Hmmm, although I have EZMix, I feel kinda ambivalent about this weekends offerings; for the first time, I may just completely pass . . .
  2. Glad that it is not only me . . . On the laptop, have to downgrade the resolution from 3840x2160 to 1920x1080 in order to run PT Standard. Maybe they fixed that in PT Studio?
  3. I'll stick with my Standard perpetual license, thank you too much! Subscriptions?! 👎
  4. Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Thx!
  5. Midi file is same price directly from TT SDX is $1 more ($70) directly from TT. Think my $ will go directly to TT this weekend . . .
  6. Looks like back in 2020 I got the "giveaway lite edition" and "roompack lite". On IA's website, upgrade from Lite to Personal seems to be $129. So, $45 seems to be ~65% discount. 193GB?! My Samsung T7 with all my ToonTrack stuff on it, is gonna cry! Still, thinking about it . . .
  7. Nutin' for me. IIRC, pre-release upgrade was ~$180. So, if it ain't less than that, I'll just wait for Live12, however long that takes.
  8. Guessin' this is approaching "no brainer" territory?
  9. First time dealing with BestService, how long does it usually take to receive serial #s?
  10. I love it when TT discounts approach/exceed 70% off. $10 for MIDI files seems to be as good as it gets in these days of $15 transfer fees. I previously picked-up on sale the ezx hip hop and ezkeys midi pack hip hop, so the Drum MIDI Hip-Hop Grooves is a good addition and 👍
  11. Ok, so no MIDI six-packs . . . With T&S gone, what are the best/most-cost-efficient options for the EBX Value Pack (3 ebx's)?
  12. Being relatively new to SD, I understand that previously there was a very short time in which upgrades were being offered, and I suspect that will likely be the case with EZ3, and eventually SD4. So I can slowly start putting some $ aside now, how bad will the upgrade to SD4 likely be?
  13. Re VM, any thoughts on this? Seems to be the 92% discount deal: PSP Ultimate Modular Collection
  14. Am unfamiliar with their new version release schedule and their 50% sale schedule. Possible Vol 6 by BF with 50% off, for those who can be patient?
  15. Received e-mail from Spitfire Audio. Again, sorry if this has already been posted, took a quick look and I didn't see it. In which case, I guess this post is just a reminder. I don't have any of the $29 libraries. Suggestions/recommendations on which two to get (one for $29 + free $10 gift card; the second for $19 using the $10 giftcard)? Receive a Free $10 Gift Card With Any Originals or SA Collaboration
  16. K13 Standard for $199 certainly does seem like a very good deal!!! Perhaps it means K14 is just around the corner (October?) ? I was able to get K13 Standard for $300 ($100 for K13 Select + $200 upgrade to K13 Standard) during NI's 2021 Summer of Sound. I would love to get me some MPS 4.1, but recent pricing has not been good enough to entice me . . . think I will just wait for K14 Ultimate to see which (if any) Izotope products may be included (maybe MPS 4.2/5.0?), then hang on for the next (June 2023?) SOS 50% sale. Congrats to all who can get in on K13 Standard for $199!
  17. Not certain if this has been posted yet, but is one I was missing SSL Native Vocalstrip 2
  18. If I ultimately plan on obtaining AVOX 4, does it make any sense to go for this? Will having this reduce my cost of AVOX? I know some publishers, if you own one/a few of the items in a bundle, will offer a discount to get the remaining items in the bundle. (already got CodeMeter Runtime running . . .)
  19. Got this in this afternoon's e-mail, don't know if it is anything new, or a deal for those who have NI K but no MPS: ADD IZOTOPE TOOLS TO YOUR STUDIO Even if you already have all the KOMPLETE instruments and effects you need, we’d like to give you an exclusive discount on iZotope’s Music Production Suite 4.1. Get a host of creative tools including Ozone 9, Nectar 3, And RX 9, and save 80%. Offer ends March 22. Was there a "better" deal for the "Everything Bundle"? Given all the recent (BF/CM) sales, I think that about $215 was the best price for MPS "upgrade" for those with Izotope freebies. Seems like this "version" (tied to NI K?) might be harder to resell in the future, if necessary? Speculation about K14 and Izotope?
  20. One wonders if you can cancel on day 1 or 2, or if you have to wait until day 13 . . .
  21. and then to the question Answer: By knowing the "type" of company I would be dealing with. The difference between someone like OTS and IKM. I will gladly do business with OTS, while I will not even d/l any freebies from IKM.
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