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  1. Here we go again with my GAS and FOMO . . . I'm certain $29 is a "fair price", but I was able to get the entirety of FX Collection 2 for $69 - a little more than twice what is being asked for this single effect . . .
  2. 😞 Have heard good things about GM, hoping they're true. Received a 33% discount code for signing up to their newsletter. Discount won't apply to the MegaPack. Fair enough, I guess. But, I am pretty certain that previously they offered other discount codes (15%? 20%?) that did apply to the MegaPack, bringing the cost down to the $120-ish range. When it gets to that price-point again, I hope I am still interested.
  3. Ok, so where do I get me some (and at what cost) "unlicensed Mixbus32C software" ?
  4. Know I want it, question is if I can wait for a (hopeful) GroupBuy in about 4-5 months . . . Gotta start collecting Orange Slices . . .
  5. Pulled the trigger on: SSL Native X-Comp SSL Native X-EQ 2 SSL Native X-Phase 20% tax was removed by the time it came to actually pay. Already own SSL Native X-Saturator & SSL Native Drumstrip, so I guess I am halfway "there" . . . hope I have enough GAS to continue . . .
  6. Is X-Phase @ $24.99 a part of SSL's 3 for 2 deal? It isn't "officially" listed as an eligible product. Did you place all 3 in your cart and see the 3-for-2 pricing? EDIT --> Appears to work for plugins not "officially" listed. Added 25 + 30 + 40 = 95 - 25 = 70 BUT charging me 20% ($14) tax, for a total of $84 ?!
  7. SSL 3 for 2: $19.99 SSL Native X-Saturator $19.99 SSL Native X-ValveComp $29.00 SSL Native X-Comp $39.99 SSL Native X-EQ 2 $199.00 SSL Native Drumstrip $279.00 SSL Native FlexVerb $329.00 SSL Native Bus Compressor 2 $329.00 SSL Native Channel Strip 2 Purchased X-Saturator during recent sale. Three lowest cost for me are 20 +30 + 40 = 90 - 20 = 70 for 3, or about $23 per
  8. Are they virtual only, or do they have a physical presence? Any other forums saying anything about this? During recent TT sale, used my remaining T&S gift card and most of my Loyalty Points.
  9. Is this the same one we were just talking about that doesn't go below $49 ?
  10. Possibly was previously $29 ?
  11. Thinking about using February's $25 Loyalty Voucher on this one . . .
  12. To quote that famous 1960's British spy: "Yeah, Baby!"
  13. LOL, I'll do my best imitation of Burger Viceroy, and let you "have it your way," lol, "great idea" it is, lol !!!
  14. If a new sub-forum for User Deals is ultimately decided to not be feasible, this seems to be a reasonable potential solution, as I already know who from Cakewalk I would trust at other sites (KVR, VI-Control, KnobCloud)
  15. Bit the bullet for: "'heck with it' its only $60 bucks for the BB and Amp Room"
  16. NOW I decide I am interested in Antares. Am I s-o-l until next BF, or will there be other decent sales throughout 2022? Apparently, in music, timing is everything, lol !
  17. Dare I ask how SoftTube/AmpRoom would compare to AudioAssault/ReAmp?
  18. Waddling late to the party, belated Happy B'day !
  19. Sorry to wander somewhat off topic. I would be interested in some MIDI groove files for SD3. PS states Is this really possible? That the MIDI grooves could be formatted for so many, and still be "good"? I understand that with SD3 the velocities are hard to get right, and most non-TT MIDI files for SD3 are lacking. Although, "everyone" seems to "always" be looking for PS / Joe Barresi Evil Drums for SDX. Did TT get PS to stop selling these? Does anyone but TT make SDX's for SD3?
  20. I don't understand PA pricing, but they're selling the VSM-3 by itself for $69 (-$20) . . . although I've heard at times it could be had for $29 Already used survey voucher, thanks!
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